Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Turning a double play

Poker news:

YMCA and KFAN are teaming up for a charity poker tournament at St. Croix Hotel and Casino this Saturday (June 20th) at 2:00pm. For the low-low price of $100 ($70 tax deductable) you can get to take on fellow KFAN Rubes as well as radio personalities (my guess is Cory Cove aka Sludge from my favorite morning show "The Power Trip" will be there). Check out the link here for more details as well as pre-registration for the event.

I'd be all over this but my wife had something else planned with good friends. An afternoon at Canterbury Park without the kids will have to do :) Horse racing and cards are activities readily approved by the author here and I'm guessing a Lennie's Honey Weiss or six will find their way into my hands. While we'll miss the weiner dog races on Father's Day, but there's nothing like rooting on a 11-1 shot on the rail versus having to watch a simulcast.

Related story to my adventures below Baseball talk:

Former Cubbie Sammy Sosa took PEDs. My reaction? *yawn*.

This continued leak of information that was supposed to be sealed should get more attention. If a record is sealed or expunged the person taking the test or on the receiving end of a punishment due to bad judgement about bringing a bottle of Popov vodka in a dormatory room under aged and not using his head that the older looking "kids" are actually undercover cops, shouldn't have to worry about such things as that coming back to haunt them.

Unless of course one were stupid enough to write about it in a blog post, luckily we don't have such lack of intelligence around these parts.

Yes, A-Rod and Sosa, though scummy enough to deny all the allegations for five/six years, deserved the shield of protection they signed up for when the initial testing took place in 2003. And the Hall of Fame ballot in 2013 might contain the most difficult choices:

Sandy Alomar Jr., Tony Batista (HAHAHAHA), Craig Biggio, Barry Bonds, Jeff Cirillo, Royce Clayton, Roger Clemens, Jeff Conine, Steve Finley, Julio Franco, Shawn Green, Roberto Hernandez, Ryan Klesko, Mike Lieberthal, Kenny Lofton, Jose Mesa, Damian Miller, Eric Milton, Russ Ortiz, Mike Piazza, Reggie Sanders, Curt Schilling, Aaron Sele, Sammy Sosa, Mike Stanton, Jose Valentin, Todd Walker, David Wells, Rondell White (HAHAHAHA), Bob Wickman, Woody Williams

The laughter is for the Twins picking up those two in their gray years for ineptitude unseen since I took the hill versus Cold Springs in 1993 and managed to give up a game-winning home run to the number nine batter.

Only three non-juiced players I see have a better than average shot. Craig Biggio should be a lock, Mike Piazza's vagina lost votes didn't charge Clemens after getting a bat thrown at him but one of the best catchers in the game should warrant a nod, and Curt Schilling's bloody sock should squeeze in based on his rings and K's, not his blog. Bonds, my former idol Clemens, and Sosa will face the purists wall of old sportwriters that remember 5 cent packs of Pall Malls and Budweiser while Pee Wee Reese ruled shortstop.

Whoa, didn't mean for the tangent to go so far.

Forgot how much I miss the game and being a fan sometimes while the everlasting hussle of being a parent is going on. With hope there will be a game for my son and daughter to enjoy while in the new open air Target Field or my current favorite is catching a St. Paul Saints game at Midway and tailgating while the rustle of a freight train going by every 30 minutes.

Tomorrow, maybe the next day country bars, beer gardens, ass grabbing, and rooftop Wrigley views. Not in that order as all were equally fun last weekend. Who doesn't like chatting about NYC bar room brawls with a tat'd up ex-con and the sexual mindset of married women with a bachlorette party at 2am with a live band cranking out Fishing in the Dark while holding a clear Solo cup full of beer.

I know I do.

Yes, the hick vibe was thick at that bar and it reminded me of dozens of places you could find lined up in Northern Minnesota minus a lake record-setting small mouth bass hanging on the wall, but wow what a way to cap off another great weekend in Chicago with friends.

More tomorrow.

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