Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's KFavre!

Weekly dose of Favre crazy: KFavre! Yes, you can get all your Favre-tastic radio information outside of John Madden's bowel movements now!

Its a mirror site of the official home of the Minnesota Vikings: KFAN, which as of this moment is 100% Favre-free, but according to a Fargo website and Reebok that may be changing soon...


The attemps to cram in as many activities for the past month will continue its familygasm ways for the next two months. Father's day was spent recovering from the night before thanks to friends who were kind enough to help with the rigorous liver training necessary to survive a trip to Vegas with certain WSOP media row degenerates currently several weeks into their alternate reality.

As for poker play, there was Friday night that was spent low rolling the 180 man tourneys on Stars (one cash, one not-so-much), then another final table in a 90 man SnG on Full Tilt where I rolled up a final table short stack into a runner up check. Other than that, nothing. No quicky cash games or SnGs before bed, no watching the 2008 WSOP on ESPN, just earning cash for the summer cushion fund when things get tight around the house since my wife takes a deep pay cut over the summer.

PokerStarsBlog pimp here: Sunday Warm-up recap and Sunday Million recap

Thus the reason for one fitful hour of sleep yesterday as random internet player got lucky for 10 hours straight and finished off a quick heads-up game around 3:00am, brushed up the webpage and recap at 3:30am, my shower started at 4:30am and by 6:00am it was back to the corporate grind with a thank you trinket sitting on my desk for assisting with the ways of Microsoft Access (I'm a green belt g33k on the side). Sobe Energy was liquid gold to keep my half fitness molded body upright to slay spreadsheets and debits with the fury of a cracked out Rio hooker bar regular that just found out she was paid with tournament chips versus the proceeds of rolling five straight points during the dinner break.

Yes, getting in shape have seeped into my daily routine. Not to the point of running marathons or 10Ks under 30 minutes, but to the point where working all-night does not cause walls to get in my way while breathing and walking at the same time increase in difficulty. Losing weight is not something in my gym itinerary as redistributing that weight would suffice. Also, playing softball at the speed I grew accustom to during the days before children, responsiblity, and the choice to pour out my thoughts onto these pages.

I am not, nor will I become a health-nut or start chewing on the bark of the willow tree for breakfast nutrients but sweating with 40 women in a group aerobics class three days a week seems like a win-win situation especially as you watch the mother of your children slim herself back into the body of the three sport athlete and smile a little more due to it.


Parenting question

Situation: Its Father's Day, you receive a freshly cooked breakfast with yummy cooked meats scrambled into eggs and cheese. You go shopping with the family troupe throughout the day and end up at your brother's place for grilled animals on buns. Relaxed on a the laz-e-boy your beautiful three year old with questionable bowel control proclaims an emergency. Your wife decided to break your day-long calm bubble by directing you to get her to the toilet before Dora the Explorer and Boots find a chocolate log in their way to Papa's Party.

Despite frantic efforts you do not succeed, instead a nice Mounds bar surprise plops out causing a mess. Pointing and laughing occur behind you of course.

How do you react?

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