Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Sound of Friendship

“Why did you wait so long?”

This past weekend I spent in the company of friends, not a blogger meeting/gathering but with friends. A group of similarly minded yet diversified folks from all sarcastic ranges and abilities to bring their own flavor to the party.

The drive to and from Chicago was not for the weary and luckily my pilot Chad was willing to take the helm since I made the similar trek last year. One thing was set that next time we’re getting our damn airline tickets early. There are only so many cheese houses and spots to purchase beer lube (not the kind you consume or put on a squeaky brake pad, we opted not to delve further as to its proper use fearing for The Gimp to come out of the basement) along I-90/I-94 to keep people interested. Granted the weather was beautiful and the countryside painted with a lush green with spotted bovines enjoying a quick summer nap, but the itch to get to our destination both ways was a bit much. The arrival trip was sedated by a trip to a micro-brewery in Lake Mills, WI which served up some tasty IPAs and nut brown ales.

Once arrived with StB in tow from Milwaukee, the first night was spent cracking some Surlys and other fine beverages at the condo, followed by a trip down to The Beer Bistro. Downtown bar with a back-side of a menu covered with beer and an inside with good nibbles to tame the late-night hunger. Very classy, comfortable, with a private back table, waitresses with a decent knowledge of the selection, and a friendly owner who shocked my system with a shot of rye last consumed here with my grandfather at the family cabin after a double skunk in cribbage.

Back to the spacious condo overlooking the Menard’s plant and a decent view of the skyline it was time to attempt some sleep before golf in the morning.

Nothing like waking up to the smell of coffee, granted I do not imbibe in the beverage but I do enjoy the smell. Thanks to The Rooster who’s second office was located within the coffee king’s logo, there were apple fritters and cups of java waiting for the early threesome to hit up the links. Myself, Chadarama, and our generous host for the weekend DP were set to play nine holes at Sydney R. Marovitz. The views of the lake with the marina in full flock, and the hotties jogging its perimeter made up for the not-yet-ready-for-the-PGA display of golfing talent (minus a 300+ yard blast from my driver and a 35 double breaker putt sunk by DP) being displayed by us three. Despite DP taking lowest score, I managed to snag 7 of 9 skins for prop betting goodness. Money > Ego

Next up it was time to find the rest of the crew at The (Re)Publican sharing a cab with the lovely Maigrey. I only briefly remembered the name of the restaurant and added fiscally restraining policies to its name by mistake. Bad government actions naming aside, Bobby Bracelet holding on to the ten known as Elizabeth and his brother BG were coming out of a corner bar ready to get our foodies on with some high-class carvings.

“Why did you wait so long?”

Hearing BG and Grubby (who was forcefully removed from a Star Trek nickel slot earlier in the evening after he ranted to security about not receiving one bonus game for the past two hours) describe the different dishes on the large piece of parchment and StB mentioning Van Halen currently providing ambiance music was something that reaffirmed my decision to kill most of my poker bankroll and turn it into life. Who wouldn’t want to hear a chef’s description of the Potee or a food lover’s suggestions on the spicy pork rinds (which did kick much ass). All for a little cash, yet I waited several years due to an lingering memory of junior high, to a head injury, to this and that, excuses that flowed out more than believing something was missing and needed to be filled. And finally it did, in the form of wax injected into my ear canal for the purpose to bringing the elegant restaurant and all its patrons into life.

For the story about the ganked bone marrow and competition between the brothers to one-up the waitress that had zero sense to the fun, I’ll need to defer the floor to them. After the top three dinners in my life, we headed once again to The Beer Bistro for a nightcap of good beer for most, while Bobby Bracelet insisted I get my northern cred in for the weekend and drink a can of Hamms and PBR without inviting me to a tractor pull or demolition derby.

I do want to pick up the story tomorrow as the post is bit long for today, for the Twins/Cubs game (Mauer power!), seeing CJ and past co-workers and softball teammates at random bars, lesbian bar revival, and listening to Garth Brooks live at 2am while downing a free Cap’n Coke from a female Cubs fan. But the introspective on that above question was rang my rum soaked head more than few times last weekend and while I was returning home from softball with a dab of rain hitting the minivan along Country Road 30 last night.

“Why did I wait so long?”

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