Thursday, June 25, 2009

Corner Kick from Vegas

I don't consider myself but a very causal fan of USA Soccer but after reading Speaker's pre-game take of the Spain vs. US match one could see a similarity between this match and one played at Lake Plaid in 1980.

Except for things like communism, Red Scare, pierogies (which are freakin good, I suggest going to 3 Squares near my house, ask for the steak and pierogie platter) and lingering cold war.

Could this match be USA Soccer Miracle On Ice the Pitch? Will the legions of orange slicing soccer moms unleash the mini-van horde upon the football/baseball/basketball loving US public enough so a win this big isn't over shadow'd by things like Shaq's trade to Cleveland or Carl Kahn's Horseshoe Pitching championship on ESPN?

Sadly no. In fact if Brett Favre left his lawn cut just one inch too high, you can bet Erin Andrews would be down on all fours with a ruler saying this just isn't right (much like in your dream), and the soccer victory would end up being some ESPN7 sound bite to be played after the 2005 WSOP Main Event re-run at midnight AUSSIE AUSSIE OY!.


Its three days to touch down in Vegas. Either I'm so wired about it I can't think, or I'm dreading it.

Me and the wife (not The Wife as she is hosting a gathering/poker tourney this weekend that people would have the means or proximity should must attend) have not had great times in my favorite vacation spot for several years. One could blame a multitude of things like me getting stupid drunk after an arguement, or having an irritable five old with us,. But our ideas of fun in the city of sin just don't mesh very well leaving only the raging solo times of slinging low stakes poker and Pai Gow with random 15 minute table game friends as fun times.

There is Tuesday to look forward to as myself and a couple of other degenerates will unleash the fury to bust some rocks down at Binion's for their poker series. Omaha eight-or-better will be the game, my hopes we can all go down as a group and maybe pick off a win for the online scribes after such a strong showing at the WSOP thus far. Congrats to sprstoner, CK, and LJ on their big cashes!

Yes, there's shows, restaurants, and the pool to show my new half-way never getting there fitness filled skeleton now with less muffin top! Vegas to me is rinsing off the stressors of everyday life, losing a couple of bucks while shouting for Xiong to spread a ten high Pai Gow as your next lost count of Cap'n Cokes hits the plastic cup holder next to your wave of green and red chips (may be black, purple, and gold for the higher rollers who read here). Its laughing a little too loudly at the Freddy Mercury impersonator and singing Bicycle Race off key but your tiny little rum-soaked brain thinks you belong at on stage at Wembley Stadium.

Its hitting up a strip club, watching acrobatic phenoms slither in sexual ways, or tasting a steak made by chef you'd see on TV. Just letting go for 96 hours.

Think its our turn to get lucky? I hope so.

See some of you on Sunday night.

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