Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Good news getting ugly

Bad News for online players:

This one is slowly leaking out and semi-troubling (or moreso in the cases of those at the WSOP or like me the low-roller needing a few bucks for the next couple of week's activities)...

Payment processor problems at Full Tilt and PokerStars causing multiple checks to bounce. Including mine.




Yes, its only seven bucks, and yes Full Tilt has returned the funds to my account but this is the first bad check I've ever cashed in the 25 years I've had this account.

Not happy.

Understanding, yes because right now there's some zealot up in New York still batting at the ghost of the UIGEA (the wrong way since tangling up WITHDRAWLS is NOT LEGAL and not covered by the UIGEA). First found at Pokerati where they had a link to the PokerStars returned checks discussion at 2+2.

I hopped on 2+2 last night after softball to see if Full Tilt had a similar thread. And they did. Sure enough my small check above crashed and burned this morning, but I was unable to find if I could request a new check, and damn skiddish about doing so as I'd rather not get this account frozen three days before a road trip to Chicago and three weeks prior to WSOP madness.

If anyone has some insight as to the smoke clearing on withdrawing funds I'll sing praises of you with the force of Pavarotti knocking out an aria in front of the New York Philharmonic.

Good News for Viking Fans:

Chilly (not this one) but (this one) grows a backbone and gets The Brett a deadline!

Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress has imposed a deadline of this week for Brett Favre to decide whether he will be the team's quarterback for the upcoming season, according to two sources.

Favre, however, is apparently reluctant to commit to playing a 19th NFL season without first being more confident the arthroscopic surgery performed recently on his throwing shoulder has succeeded in eliminating all of the problems related to a torn biceps tendon. Dr. James Andrews performed the surgery.

It would seem reasonable that both Favre and the Vikings want to know his shoulder is healthy before reaching an agreement, and the team is virtually certain to insist on seeing the 39-year-old quarterback throw before any contract is signed. Minnesota has four organized team activity sessions this week, beginning Tuesday.

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