Friday, January 14, 2005

Baby its cold outside

What are you doing read this?!?! Go to PartyPoker now and get in on the BBJ madness! $650K+ when I was playing this morning. Sadly I dropped several bets due to trying to raise with Aces vs. 2,481 callers. Sigh. But seriously, people are on stupid mode trying to win the jackpot, very easy pickings!

I got an email from a certain Eagles fans blogger who's confirmed his visit to this state and still thinks his team will win this weekend HA! Luckily for Al there's a Krispy Kreme store about a half mile from my house :D

Friday's are to spend with my son, its something I look forward to all week, its even better then sex... well maybe not, but spending the day with the little guy make the long work weeks all worth while. A rule while giving your kid a bath... if you splash the water he/she will come back ten fold, least to say I had to change afterwards.

Glad to say the final inspection on the house we're buying went through great, just a minor detail on a window and we're good to go!!

Sorry for the short post but like Chris H. said, my liver hurts just thinking about watching the Vikes game with Winter Storm CantHang coming through. Time to rest up and pray for forgiveness from the porcelain god.

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