Saturday, January 29, 2005

Going to Treasure Island

No, not the one in Vegas... at least not for another month or so. A friend of mine's birthday party is taking place there and being the weakling I am when someone mentions a casino trip, I agreed to go. My mom of course is playing taxi this time as she's the only one I know who gets more excited about donating to the indian reservations then I do. I'm hoping they've added a poker room. I recently got a flyer from Grand Casino Hinckley and their poker room is up and running. It listed Omaha hi/low as an available game WHOO WHOO! My wife sighed when she saw the poker room info since the casino is only 5 mins from our cabin in Hinckley. "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease can I go honey". I'll definitely have some trip reports this summer, as I plan on playing at least a couple of times when we go the cabin.

Joined up at Pokerroom today. A couple of observations....

- Lobby chat room is your basic AOL "Troubled Teens" chat group. Trying to read it was about as welcoming as taking a dump after you've eaten the tails off all 20 of the jumbo shrimp platter at Red Lobster (trust me on this, it hurts and not recommended).

- Interface is nifty with an array of characters that do not change per sex of the player. There's the coked out stockbroker, James Bond, a Jessica Simpson looking blonde, and Aunt Ethel. Somethings I didn't like... you can't reload on the tables, you'd need to go out of the game, then go back in (or I'm retarded haven't found a way to do it yet, which is very possible seeing that my IQ is in the single digits). The games seem to move along fairly fast, I haven't tinkered with the different buttons yet for stats. Not being able to show hands kinda sucks (a.k.a can't throw the hammer down on the table). To get your bonus updates you need to check a website link, your balance amount does take a minute or two to update so do not expect a real-time update.

- The competition. I'm starting to wonder why the hell I played limit for so long. It seems that people's brains go to mush while playing no limit. Yeah they do hit their hands once in a while AKs vs Q4o cost me a stack when he hit his 4 cards to a straight and I got TPTK. Wasn't expecting someone to call my 5XBB raise with a 4 but hey I'm glad they do (just not on that hand...)!

- Bonus whoring is a little tougher here since you get .5 "points" for a .50 raked and 1 "point" for $1 in rake. To clear the bonus from (20% up to $200) its 7 "points" per $1 in bonus so 1400 points to clear it. After three tabling this morning for 2 hours I got 250 "points" playing $1/$2 limit and $.50/$1 blinds NLHE. There seems to be a lot of different freerolls and cheap tournaments for earning these points. I'll report back earning a freeroll as to how the competition is.

Played on Empire for some $5,000 freeroll. Tournament limit HE is something I'm fairly confident with but the cards were not with me tonight as I went out in 277th betting out AK and running into KK when the case K flopped. Oh well, you win some and sometimes you just suck.

Ugh, just noticed its 11pm and I've got some slot playing tomorrow to rest up for!

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