Thursday, January 20, 2005

Going to Mistake Lake

My mom received yet another free room at Mystic Lake Casino for tonight, and since I'm off of work tomorrow we thought we'd bring the little one to take advantage of the pool out there! I also heard there's a casino (WITH NO ALCOHOL!!) in the lobby so I may slip away from the pool fun for a couple of minutes for some slots action. I wish I could get dropped off at Canterbury to play some poker but I can't pass up a chance to bring Little Drizz swimming.

Any advice to prevent my slot tilting if I don't get the super-cool bonus games? I don't feel like blowing through the remainder of my home bankroll just because Kenny Rogers refuses to line up correctly for the bonus game. Maybe I'll just play video poker. I've heard good things about these machines but they seem so boring. I like cartoons flying across the screen just to tell me I've won fifteen cents! Eh, its entertainment for the night, and maybe I'll actually win too!

I watched Sportscenter this morning and there was a story about hard liquor products being able to advertise on NASCAR racing teams. And of course the long spiel about younger viewers drinking because they see it on the cars, and drinking and driving, and blah blah blah. Ok, what's the name of NASCAR's junior circuit.... the Busch series, and what do they sell? Hint, it ain't carpeting or power tools. So what's the problem folks? Its ok to have a watered down beer sponsor the entire circuit, but Jack Daniels can't sponsor one car? Do they figure that the drivers are safer drinking a can of Busch but not taking a shot of JD before the race? Sigh.

No poker to speak of last night, I spoke some gibberish while trying to have a conversation with the wife and that told me its time to go to bed early. I'll probably be on tonight at UB and/or Absolute, maybe even make an appearence at the blogger table if I'm drinking after I get home. Thanks for reading :)

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Donkeypuncher said...

I try to stay away from machines, but do on occasion play Wheel of Fortune. It's a great time and wallet-killer at the Vegas airport. No blackjack?

Ah, Mystic Lake. Nice place. Seven Clans has to be my favorite casino in the world...