Thursday, January 06, 2005

Cut off

This morning while coming into work my wife was about to make the final right hand turn into my building I work at when someone from across the intersection was coming in a little too fast. Our direction did not have a stop sign, hers did. She blew right through it and my wife's horn to cut us off. Sigh. At 5am I don't think anyone needs that kind of stimulation outside of a cup of coffee or your bedroom.

We went house shopping for 2 1/2 hours last night and found two potential Casa de Drizz's. One had a whirlpool spa and a very nice porch area (which I liked). The price was decent but there was questions about the aging roof and furance. The second house was cleaner then an operating room. No nicks, no fruity pebbles on the floor, no cobwebs, no dust bunnies... nothing. It was like they had the house detailed or something. The price was on the higher end of our budget though. So, we may have to keep looking if the first house doesn't pass our fathers' inspection (mine is a master electrian, hers is a general contractor). The other 3 houses were just assy. One, we opened the door and I thought I was back working the Berkshire nursing home. It reeked of old folks and stale cigarettes, plus the basement's "family room" was long and narrow. That's fine if you're going to put in a bowling alley. The other two had some good features but nothing worth noting or looking at again.

After a quick stop at Wendy's for a baked potato and chicken nuggets, I fired up Empire to start knocking down this month's bonus. Code: Happy2005 will get you 20% up to $200! The work rate is 7 times the bonus and must be done within 14 days (not 7 days like Party's most recent bonus). So I 4 tabled and knocked down 325 hands in a couple of hours and cards seemed to come my way for most of the night... except a couple of "second best" hands again. Sigh. I set up a perfect trap on one table, picking off 4 limpers with a $5 raise with the hammer in the BB. Then getting AA and raising $5 again to get a caller... board of 3 - 6 - T (two diamonds and I had the Ace), lead out $10, called... hmmm something's fishy. Turn was the 3 of diamonds, and he goes all-in. Sigh. So, I've got an overpair plus a draw to the nut flush but the flat call on the flop worried me that he flopped a set and now filled up... which he did even though my flush fell he had 66. Poorly played on all streets, yes I know Iggy. That pot killed my decent night where I was up 2X my buy-in on 3 of 4 tables. If anyone would have laid that down or played it differently, please drop me a line and let me know how you would have played it. After that $80+ pot went the other way I still managed a $25 profit for the night. Not bad, but getting my Aces cracked didn't help my spirits. I'll be back tonight, and probably late since I don't work on Fridays.

T- minus 80 days till Vegas

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