Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Randy, Randy, Randy

Good god, he did something in a football game that the Packer fans do AFTER EVERY HOME GAME TO THE OPPOSING TEAM (minus the pasty white asses of course). That's not even my problem, my problem is the way Sportcenter and the local news has made this little "incident" into a "major" news issue. As I emailed to my friend yesterday, I wagered $5 they'd drege up the squirt-bottle incident, the running over the meter maid, and the words w/Daunte. Sure enough some "Behind the Lines" mini-segment was on Sportcenter as I turned it on, re-hashing all these "incidents". Luckily for me CSI had a better show on Spike TV. There are more important things going on in sports then to devote one-half of the show to everyone's reaction (including Michael Irvin who denounced Moss' actions). Irvin, the NFL pillar of conformity and virtue with his touchdown dances and recreational drug and stripper use says "I would not want Randy as a teammate". Yeah, you set a great example for your teammates as well there kid. Moron.

Poker wasn't the greatest to me last night, well the cards sucked but the blogger tables were running in full force. The chat took some of the sting out of the suckouts at the BBJ tables. I did manage to work off some of The Gaming Club and Absolute bonuses and was going to bed... till I saw the BBJ @ Party was near 300K. Then I saw Pauly, Iggy, and Chris Hal at a table and decided to sweat them for awhile. Beastiality and Woody Allen made for some interesting chatter. I ended up playing a few orbits with Pauly, BadBlood, and one other blogger that I didn't catch his name, with no success. Me and BadBlood went all-in after I raised it up $3.72 both showing down the hammer of course :P Then I catch AA immediately in the next hand (A week ago the same thing happened but I lost a decent amount there), I raised it up $3.72 again but all of the limpers dropped BOOOOOOO. I'll need to confer with BadBlood on how exactly the hammer-betting-triple-deke works.

We found out late last night that the mortgage company goofed and gave us a wrong quote on what our payments would be, not good. I hope today brings some better news because coming home to that yesterday wasn't exactly a Randy Moss highlight moment.

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BG said...

The entire media has turned into Reverend Lovejoy's wife...


He didn't pull his pants down, he actually (really, honestly, please excuse this pun) half-assed the pantomime completely, and no animals were harmed in the making of this motion picture.

Big lousy stinking deal. It was a dumb TD celebration to be certain, but not the major news event they wanted this to be.