Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Should have seen it coming

I'm being involuntarily moved to another department within the company I work for. With all the bad luck I've been having this really took the cake. It is unfortunate but I gotta trudge on like a good solider. Ever since my accident, my work performance and standards have gone in the toilet. I can't remember and retain things like I used to. Its hard to get motivated for a job that doesn't challenge the skills that you have (or used to have in my case). At work I feel like an aging athlete with bum knees just trying to get through the season. It hurts since I used to have awards and thanks from everyone on how I was such a good workers and look to be moving up in the company. Now, I'm the trouble child that no one wants and get passed around like a potato with eyes growing out of it.

Sigh. I don't think any kind of monetary settlement from my accident could possibly give me back what I've lost over the years. My zest for work and success is gone, the only thing remaining is my personality and friendliness work with others. But, its not about me anymore, all I want to do is provide for my son and my wife, that's it. I just need to find work that I can be proud of so I can get back some of my pride in work. And maybe retain some of the things that made me leader before the accident.

Sorry for the whiny drivel today, but I feel like shit and I needed to put it somewhere.

As for poker content.... not much except BoDog continues to swim high with the fishies, I flopped a flush draw and top pair with QJs in the small blind, flush didn't hit but I continued to bet the flop and turn. One person stayed with me. When the river was a under card blank I checked the river to get raised all-in. Slowplaying Aces, Kings? I thought about it for awhile and decided to call and he flipped over K2o. This wasn't penny poker, he wagered $65 on a stone-bluff with someone who led out the betting. I thought dead in the water with a better kicker or even two pair but it was a stone bluff and I got a nice $100 pot!



Dr. Pauly said...

Hang in there!!

BadBlood said...

Finally found your blog via AlCantHang. Keep thy head high. I know the feeling and hopefully you will get through this blip in the career.