Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Wife puts the scare into poker

I play poker for fun and entertainment. It is an enjoyable game for me to play for many reasons (and I've met some really cool people because of it... Al, Chris, and Chad!). But, this morning on the way to work my wife inquired about my poker playing. Yikes. She asked "how much do you make a month playing poker?". Yikes. So I told her, due to bonuses I usually come out a little ahead. She says "well, with the new house we may need to supplement our income a little". Yikes.

After playing online for about 7-8 months, I've finally at the point where I have a comfortable bankroll (at my level....) so I'm not playing with scared money, and she springs this on me! Maybe I'm overreacting a little, but just thought that we would need to lean on poker winnings to make bill payments or buy some extra groceries make me a little uncomfortable. Granted with deposit bonuses I can keep variance to almost nill, but that's not the point. If you're playing NL and you faced with a decision to take a shot at a pot with a big bet (and you have nothing), do you go for it and not think twice about not being able to buy those Toaster Strudels and breakfast sausage (I love breakfast by the way, it is the perfect meal at any time) at the grocery store if you get called?

Bleh, bad way to start the day after a decent night at the tables. Don't tell the people at Interpoker but.... I WON MONEY PLAYING POKER! I hit an inside straight, a full house, a nut flush, and some doofus thought A3o was cool to 4 bet vs. my AQs all within my last 1.5 hours of clearing their monthly bonus. And for the first time in three months, I actually made money on top of the monthly bonus WHOO WHOO!!

BoDog still continues to show some horrible play on their NL tables, its too bad I caught 3 fishes with only short stacks betting with nothing and me holding a premium hand. The software runs fairly smoothly and they seem to have quite a few tables of NLHE running at prime time (i.e. lots of gambOOOOOOOOolers). The decent players are easy enough to pick out, they're the ones who call your 6xBB raise with something more then sOOOOOted cards. Aggressive play is rewarded here, but people will call you down with middle or bottom pair, so make sure you're going in with a little something :P

TGC didn't have good results last night due to a doofus sucking out on me twice at the NLHE tables. Sadly he lost all of my money I donated with three hands. Sigh. I gained a little back but still finished 10BB down for the night after my top two ran into quads on the river (luckily at a limit table). Ouch.

I played a little at UB to chip away at that bonus (its a triathlon not a marathon clearing a bonus there....). Won 15 BBs at one table of $1/$2 limit and lost a little at a second table. With the mini view I had 2 UBs, 2 TGC tables, and BoDog up last night. I like UBs interface so it wasn't very fun with with mini view but effecient since I'm only using one monitor to play.

Its back to work for me... real work, not the virtual cards kind. Thanks for reading :)


Chris Halverson said...

Yikes. I wouldn't like that pressure either. I'm with you, I play for fun, the money is a bonus (har har), but I wouldn't want to have to rely on it.

Felicia :) said...

If you need to make a little to supplement, Glenn and I can help you. Glenn plays games that are very highly skill based, versus a game like LHE which has a huge luck factor in the short term.

You have to catch the games when they are good, and do a lot of hit and runs, but you will be virtually guaranteed 1-2k per month easily, once you learn the proper strategy for these games. The reason these games died in the casinos in the first place is because they were so highly skill based that the fish had no chance, thus the games dried up. The internet has brought some of them back.

RED said...

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RED said...

WOmen can be so deceaving in Poker it's crazy.