Thursday, January 27, 2005

Not too shabby

I played on Party Poker for about 1.5 hours last night and left up $35 after a nice run at 4-tabling $25NLHE. I WAS up $70 but of course when I was ready to log off for the night I got caught in a hand that I shouldn't have even recieved the hole cards. I got AKs on the button with 2 limpers behind and raise it up to $3. SB folds, BB calls, UTG + 2 calls, other limper folded. Flop is a rainbow A - T - 4. UTG + 2 leads out for $3, I put him on AJ or AQ and raise it up to $10 (seemed like a good idea at the time), BB folds and he min re-raises. WARNING DANGER WARNING DROP YOUR WORTHLESS TPTK NOW!!! He was a decent tight player with a similar 1.5 x buy-in stack but did I listen to the warnings? Noooooooooooooo. He turns over the TT set and a King on the turn mocks me. Sigh.

At least it was a profitable night, and fishes were out in full force. I got my 6xBB raise with KK called by T8o which caught SECOND pair on the flop and he pushed. Good call and thanks for the chips! I was able to lay down AK when faced with a re-raise by the big stack, and lay down KK was min re-raised by a flopped ragged two pair. I need to play more often when I'm motivated enough to play good poker, instead of the mindless bonus whoring/multi-tabling I do sometimes. I was able to pick off the fish and stay away from the tighter players for most of the night... except that one costly hand.

Before poker me and the wife watch the Professional Wrestler bungle a big lead on The Amazing Race because the chick with microwave breasts (see Tao of Poker for a better appliance to breastial tissue explaination), forgot her ticket to get into this temple and everyone passed her up. This show is growing on me, exotic locals, hot chicks, and cool little games they play for "detours". One couple got to play elephant polo to complete their challenge last night. Not that I'd want to ride on anything that could swat me like a fly, but it was interesting to watch.

Work is still up and down, had a great talk with the sup about everything, not sure how its going to play out but however it ends up it was nice to realize what's been going on. Sorry to be so vague. One of my frusterations has been not knowing what's expected of me Sadly, I didn't find that out till yesterday, wish that I'd known months and months prior to having this potential change in jobs. Sigh.

Thanks for dropping by, and don't forget to hug your kid today :)


Anonymous said...

Keep going, Guy.

Wasn't a reader when whatever happened, happened.

Know I like your Blog.

I do know you appear to be willing to meet situations heads up and square.

That counts for a great deal. It also earns you support you don't even know you have.

Folks have a habit of supporting someone like that and usually try to do it without them knowig the help was there to be given.

WW said...

I also hate getting hammered on AK. Happens more often than not. I'd rather play JJ or QQ most times!! Anyway, enjoy your blog, chief. Take care.