Saturday, January 22, 2005

Crazy Friday... written on Saturday

While my son is pushing around Elmo in a laundry basket I thought I'd punch up a quick post.

Mystic Lake -

No, I didn't win the $800K Wild Cherries jackpot but I did win at blackjack for the first time there since I was a college student (we won't mention how long ago that was). Ok ok it was $20 BUT I WON! Only to get lured into bonus game heaven of the nickle slots. Eh, it was entertainment and my wife was having a good time so I'll chalk up my $35 loss as a moral victory. Plus Little Drizz got to go swimming and he didn't scream the entire time thank god. He's still a little afraid of the water (yet loves to take a bath for some reason), but by the time we got out he was splashing away :)

Friday morning poker -
Played at Party to start working off the newest re-load bonus (Bonus code: BONUSJAN 20% up to $200 but must be completed within one week). I was in full out tilt mode after 30 mins. AA, KK (twice), nut flush hit by runner-runner boat, running QQ into AA. Sigh. Just one of those nightmare starts that really tests your patience. But, I got it all back with AA vs. KK vs. QQ vs. AQ pre-flop and a 5 high board :) I need to be more patient at the NL tables, I tend to push hands too far without concidering the opponent (unless I'm at the blogger table). This has been a big leak at Party for me, and I need to plug this hole when I finally get the nads to move up in limits. Or else, I am the one who's going to be the sucker at the table.

Bowling -

Yes, I bowl and I ENJOY IT! I only have a 175 average but its a fun way to see my family (my parents, sister, brother, and brother-in-law all bowl in the same league). I know it would be healther to step back onto the volleyball court, but playing co-ed volleyball at a lower level isn't very fun. I bowled decent after a sober 138, hitting a 233 and a 212 when the Cap'n Cokes were finally hitting the spot.

Short posts as Little Drizz is tearing up the place and needs someone to play with. Thanks for reading :)

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