Monday, January 24, 2005

Tin foil hats look good on me

I tried so hard not to become one of those conspiracy theory poker players. You know them... in chat phrases like "only at Party Poker", "that's the 4th set over set I've lost tonight", or "I like sheep". God, the suckouts were horrible yesterday, mix some tilty play by me and I'm down $100 from the $25NL tables at Party. Sigh. There was one table at which I was trying to take a shot at someone who had 15-20 buy-ins ($430 when I left) but I couldn't get into a hand with him. I ran TPTK into an overpair, overpair into a set, overpair into a rivered inside straight, hell I even burned my cream cheese toaster strudel!! I was waiting for my hair to burst on fire and my dick to fall off, but luckly this morning I can still call myself a male with hair on the top of his head.

Deep breath......... ahhhhhhhhhh.

Ok, it wasn't a total loss. Eagles and Pats are going to the Super Bowl in Jacksonville! I can't imagine the party plans AlCantHang has brewing for The Boathouse and I'm sure the distillers of Southern Comfort are going to be working overtime for the next two weeks. I had a bet on the Pats (-3) which covered 25% of my losses playing poker. Typical. Maybe I should handicap football games and stop getting pissed about the joker playing K5s and hitting a runner-runner boat vs. my nut flush. Eh, its all good, I love poker too much to stop just because of a bad night. Besides, the deposit bonuses help ease the pain and variance.

If you haven't checked out the reader's mail post from the Tao of Poker (Dr. Pauly), please do yourself a favor and click on the link. Way... too... funny... Thankfully I read his blog before my co-workers get in :)

Props to customer service -

Interpoker - I had received an email regarding a $20 bonus for reloading there, didn't get the bonus immediately as stated. I sent off an email to the cardroom manager (Ryan Hartley I believe) and he responded within 1 day and the $20 was in my account! Thanks Ryan!

Absolute - I received a coupon for $50 free for playing 300 hands of $1/$2 Omaha, sent in the code after completing the 300 hands and within 12 hours got the bonus and a reply by their service department. Excellent job guys, keep up the good work and I'll will return to play :)

Barring get hit by a large semi on the way home from work, I'll be braving the $25NLHE tables again tonight to finish off my bonus at Party and maybe drop by the blogger table to bleed some money off to my fellow scribes. Thanks for reading :)

Oh, almost forgot.... I entered in the $10 MTT 7-card stud tourney at Party on a whim since it looked cool and I could bug Felicia for advice if I busted out too early. Well, after 3 hours I did bust out 83rd out of 803. No money but made it pretty far for not playing in a Stud tourney before. Felicia if you got some quick pointers for me, they would be greatly appeciated as I'm going to play a couple more of these, since it was surprisingly fun!

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Felicia :) said...

LOL, you lost any chance of help when you said Stud was "surprisingly fun."

I have offered to help you on other occasions, too (see below). I guess you don't read your comments?

Anyway, I've never played in a Stud tourney on Party, but I'm assuming the structure was fast with little play. If that is the case, you have to play a few more hands (good draws) and play them hard to have any chance.