Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Relaxing Night... kinda

A note of condolence goes out to Iggy and his family as he's attending a funeral here in Minnesota today. Wish I could meet the blogfather under better curricumstances and better weather, its fricken cold here at the moment. I hope you and your family get through this, as I too have a family member who's currently terminally ill from cancer. My prayers go out to you and your family.

No poker except to watch some BoDog tables while I was on the phone with Sprint for 30 minutes. There's nothing that gets me more riled up then a bad call center. I worked at one for 5 years as a collector, bad debt collector (fun stories about how people couldn't pay for 1-7 years), and finally in quality control. First the call took 15 minutes to get someone live on the phone. Luckily my Hungry Man Beer Battered Chicken Strip and Cheese Fries dinner wasn't
done to clog my arteries yet or I'd really blown a gasket on the phone. So, after the wait I'm greeted by a nasally sounding woman with the standard "how can I assist you" line. Being the professional, I reserved my anger by calmly stating the wrongful long charge on my bill. For the next 7 minutes she repeats herself over and over about having local and long distance carriers being one and the same. I repeat over and over "I don't use long distance on my local phone, I use my wife's cell phone like everyone else in the US". I told her I've never had Sprint as a long distance company nor do I want it, and once I said something about "slamming" (get your dirty heads out of the gutter) she clammed up and put me on hold. All the while I'm watching some uneventful NLHE table on BoDog where someone claimed to be a pro player playing .50/1 ante NLHE (did the bloggers move somewhere?). After another 5 minute wait she comes back to politely tell me she's changing my long distance carrier to "no carrier" and crediting the $5 back to my account. MISSION FUCKIN ACCOMPLISHED! Was it really that tough to see I've never had long distance in the past and suddenly its on there? Sigh.

The good news last night is that we sold our house! Bad news it I got a little over 30 days to move. We got a little less then expected but enough to make a little down payment on the next mansion. We're looking for some houses around where I grew up to be close to the daycare (my parents, yes we're very lucky) and the elementary and middle school for Little Drizz and Littler Drizz (coming in early 2006). I just hope we find a place we can afford and not resort to eating Ramen noodles for dinner every night at least until I go on a card rush and win a tournament or something :P I do hope the move doesn't mean the end of playing poker as money as going to get tighter, but hopefully not so tight that I need to withdraw my bankroll (which is getting healthier thanks to the kind bonuses and fishy at PartyPoker).

Sprint = Bad
Selling house = good
BoDog = to be continued
Hungry Man TV Dinner = heaven in a plastic dish

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Chris Halverson said...

Congrats on the house! Hope things work out well on the new one.

Also, you're right, phone companies suck, I'm looking at switching to Vonage.