Friday, May 09, 2008 Site Review

Online poker is a vast playground for those without the means to play live poker, can’t afford the higher buy-in requirement, and/or enjoy twelve tabling which may tired out even the fittest triathlete. Places like’s Online Poker Sites can help out the new and old online player with its vast amount of information, and videos for entertainment.

Just click on the front page and immediately American players can see which sites are dodging the (hopefully soon-to-be-dead) UIGEA and allowing those who take up residence in the U.S. to play almost any form of poker they wish. Check the quick guide here: Best Poker Sites for Americans

Currently many bloggers are competing in a series of tournaments at Bodog for a shot at a World Series of Poker main event seat. Bankrollboost takes the time to review this site and all its amenities, including the very hot Bodog Girls and videos. To be fair, they also include the positives AND negatives of the site which you don’t find on most reviewing sites as they will mostly whitewash players will all glorious feature without warning to a potential downside. Check out the Bodog Poker Review

Flipping to the Best New Poker Sites even an old online poker dog like me can learn a few new tricks. I’d never heard of Sky Poker, PKR Poker, or knew anything about Chan’s Poker except for the T-shirts Johnny Chan wore while standing next to Jamie Gold at the WSOP. This a great section that once again lets you know with a sidebar, if these sites are U.S. friendly (sadly Playboy Poker is not, no free subscription for Drizz).

This has been a paid advertisement, and I thank the sponsor for letting know about their site!

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