Friday, May 23, 2008

Wow, these sites are getting more and more filled with pokery goodness for the novice and advanced online poker players. I am talking about places to learn about playing online poker like’s site.

The front internet poker page shows a great amount of both live and online poker information. Recent poker news on the right reminding those who are lucky enough to enjoy the World Series of Poker Main Event that should that evade 6,000+ runners in the event and make the final table that you will be waiting till November to go for the rest of the cash.

In the middle of the screen are the best poker bonuses online that the site offers. Each poker site is clearly marked for the size of the bonus you will receive by signing up (bonuses are always subject to hands played/raked hands played). Also, for the U.S. players, the sites unaffected by the UIGEA are listed, including a site I am not familiar with called PlayersOnly Poker which is offering a sizable $1,000 bonus currently.

Further down the page is a Poker Odds Calculator for those who play Hold Em’, but delving a little further in you’ll find an “advanced odds calculator link” which brings up a helpful for the Omaholics like myself two figure heads up odds. Hand of the day evaluations, recent articles, a forum for the readers to post about their latest conquers and bad beats, and Daniel Negreanu’s Full Contact poker blog is featured to round out the up and coming online player’s need to improve their game and bankroll.

I personally enjoy the spaciousness of the different features and crispiness of the website in general. has just enough information for the beginning to intermediate player for a boost to their game without overloading those players with clutter. Thank you for inviting me to the site and this has been a paid advertisement.

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