Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Its the Best Beats the Rest!

After winning the Texas High School 1A state track meet... My question is: does she get to keep the team trophy?

Yes, I'd still jump the trophies on Amanda Wenk regardless of marital or sexual preferrence status.

My ability to lose in the Hoy in different ways is unsurpassed as I should have lost with Aces early on but sucked out on a flopped straight. Then did something stupid by getting my money in ahead again with Kings after the first break and lost to my favorite hand (99). GG. Night night. Love coming back every week!

Please bring the Red Soxs back to play at the homerdome more often. I've never seen the Twins' bats look so lively. Especially Pap Smear and his stare down of death which gave the Twinkies a nice come from behind victory. Of course now I've jinxed the team and Mauer will probably blow a knee like me and Cuddyer will try to catch the ball with his mouth instead of his hat. But, I'm all for Boston sport teams getting knocked off their holier then thou perch, even if its only May.

Bodoggie and Skillz tonight for those still grinding these tournament series out. My participation will depend on the ability to lift two eyelids after dinner. That Buddy Dank and his evil pushfest with addictive music keep me up too late. Tonight I counter that Waffles Song with the classic Banana Phone!

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