Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Living for Cheap Cigars at the Gold Coast

The closer the WSOP gets, the more I want to go again.

Even its just to donk off chips in the Venetian Mixed game and take my last $20 of a $400 buy-in and turn it into $100 playing Craps and Pai Gow and call it a win.

Or play Pai Gow into the wee hours with over-worked scribes at casinos long forgotten by the Strip.

To watch the amazing influx of pokery excitement that might be lost on those who toil long hours in the chip counting trenches. But to the causal fanboi like myself there's nothing like a long weekend glimps of pros, joes, and fishy smoes trading hardly earned cash across the Milwaukee Best Light pictured tables at the Rio. As Ferris Bueller once said "life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it". I take those words to heart with every hug of my kids, every time I feel just a little too tired, every possible missed opportunity because I didn't ask on it. Sure, I had a push from a disabling accident that made me lose six years of my life, drifting while not caring if my wife left me, not caring if the fizz left my Cap'nCoke, not caring if a car ran a red light and took away the pain permanently.

Is that people need to feel like I do? Do you need a smack in the head to want a life versus a constant series of events that get you closer to the weekend?

My suggestion is find the nearest brick wall and go home a concussion. Even you feel alone, detached, unwanted, there's always something you can improve.


Granted I'm the furthest example of self-improvement as I've waffled the idea of further schooling for several years but financial and other pint-sized tax deductions remain more important. But, I have learned that tucking away money for the winter is a good thing only if it keeps a roof over your family's head and Hot Pockets in the microwave. Otherwise it should be used to go out and meet those imaginary internet friends in strange places (read those Weekend At Mookies trip reports coming in), or chase down a dream of holding cards at the same table as a red letter Full Tilt pro.

Whatever your end game is, try include some fun if you have a little extra cash before your mind gets too old, too rusted in your ways that you know exactly what is going to happen at 6:30pm CST Monday -Friday (Wheel....... of......... Fortune!).

This summer I'm taking three trips (just snagged my Bash tickets, anyone want a roomie??), but the fourth will depend on either luck, need, or want. The easy route is luck as I'm locked in for the Bodog TOC, and get a 1 in 18 shot at a WSOP ME package. The need will come from an invite to the WSOP to experience a taste of our hard-working blogger's work days or if I can trick someone into viewing my posts as worthy. The want will come from taking another risk of parlaying a little online cash into a WSOP bracelet seat and playing in the wild WSOP cash games where the real poker experience of the WSOP can be found.

There's one thing for certain: I will not being playing that damn Waffle Song on my iPod anymore. Ok, one more time, then its getting filed with every other cheesy pop ballad that has crossed these broken ear drums.

And one more thing. Razz sucks. That is all.

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