Thursday, May 08, 2008

Time is Pennies

Compensation has never been why I post here as I subject readers here to my poorly phrased English mostly for selfish reasons (but I do thank all these advertisers for their business).

But at the other site I'm expected a certain posting rate per month to snag the small paycheck which I do keep up with. Regardless of the ten hour days at the office followed by enjoying what little time I get after getting home to play with the kids, its not easy money to bang out the latest WPT, EPT, online poker going-ons while making sure I don't give away the remainder of my online bankroll playing an hour or two at night.

The other site is why I'm able to head to Chicago in July and The Bash in September, but makes me wonder if its worth it for the amount I'm getting. I knew by working with/for a blogging site that features 100+ blogs that the funds wouldn't come near a gig with a poker-centric twist to them like Pokernews, Pokerworks, etc...

My question is, how do you determine if your time is worth more then the digits to the right of your name on the paycheck? I'm not one for self-promotion, as writing my self-review at work took almost an entire day because I hate listing the things I've done in a cheesy rah-rah GO ME! manner. I figure if I do good enough job, people will notice and gigs come my way, if not no harm, no foul, just continue on and enjoy the extra couple of bucks and be happy that I got the nod to write for that website.

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