Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Transfering Funds From One Site to Another

I don't watch the NBA anymore unless at a sports bar and the Twinkies aren't blowing late leads before Nathan takes the hill.

But after watching 2.65 Sportcenters a day I get my fair share of NBA highlights, so could someone explain why Chris Paul didn't win the MVP award?

On a quick poker note, my Bodoggie Tournament of Champions seat got cemented last night taking 4th with a page out of the Luckbox's playbook.

Get the money in as underdog, win, profit.

Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong in the BBT3. Another $109 in yummy tournament dollars thanks to the overlay and 3rd place overall with just a couple of tourneys left before the 18 man/woman SnG to play for that $12K WSOP seat.

I was psyched to play split poker in the BBT3 but bad folds, no action on catching a couple of sets, and eventually having to shove my scraps leaving empty and donating my $13 to the cause.

The toss up between rocking out to Guitar Hero and winning that elusive Moooooooookie interview will be determined at gametime. See you tonight.

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