Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sugary Delights

Daddy, why do you play this stupid game?

I knew before this Battle of the Blogger Tournaments series started I'd have only a few legit shots at the TOC. Last night was my last bullet, and fell short at the NLO8 Skill Series tourney while at the final table when a pre-flop push with 10BBs left couldn't catch half the pot with a nut low draw and two to come.

PL/NLO8 is exactly as you picture it. Four card bingo at its finest. Yes, the luck factor is high and because 2 out of 4 final tables I've made have been in O8 that makes me lucky right? After looking at how I've busted in most of these BBT3 events you might think otherwise. Like the Mookie final table last week, this was just too little, too late for a serious run at a TOC seat. My congrats to those who have played the majority of these and done well.

Do those looking to get the new "Wii Fit" might want to check their egos because if you're a little overweight the Wii Fit doesn't hold back in letting you know. I'm all for tough love or shocking the system, but my thoughts were with the author as children shouldn't be called fat by a video game.

Almost forgot to thank PokerWolf for hosting the profitable part of my evening on the nickel and dimes tables (we won't mention the cracking my stack took at the NLO8 cash table), saw Steeley McBlogger (yes, I did fold middle set there whether you believe me or not, and I have no reason to lie here) there as well showing his Pittsburgh pride while rooting on the Pens in their upcoming series against the Red Wings.

And yes, I am the Drizz. HOLLA!

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