Monday, May 19, 2008

Still A Fanboi

Tomorrow I promise requisite smeared cupcake face pictures from my daughter’s 2nd birthday party. The usual fare of burger and hot dogs with good friends, enough kids to sport a soccer team, and a short lived bonfire built by yours truly without singe marks appearing where hair used to grow on my fingers and face.

Maybe I’ll tell that story at some other time.

Who’s ready for the carnival known as the Levitra (time to whip em out and see who’s the biggest!)/Milwaukee Beast Light (at least the girls go down smoothly)/PartyPoker (ax this one)/Harrah’s (where we tell you to stop gambling like a dumbass but kindly leave your moneys here when splitting 10s against a dealer’s 10) sponsored World Series of Poker!

More drama this year then the past?

Over/Under on cashes by Vinnie Vinh’s chair?

Average cup size of a Milwaukee Beast Light girl?

Lime Toss champ: Pauly or Otis?

More annoying winners cry: Hevan Khan, Humberto Brenes, or will someone top these two?

Who will have the best blogger finish? Final table this year?!?!

This year’s Poker Peek Cards/Poker Tent annoyance.

Will Buddy Dank play the Waffle’s Song for a solid hour if Waffles cashes?

11 days.

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