Thursday, May 22, 2008

Five Hours to Love

Two things before I get ready for a weekend of live poker (Grand Casino Hinckley), finally enjoying the new trailer without murphy's law hanging a cloud over it, and maybe a fine cigar or two:

- A rule of thumb for substitute softball players: If the extra guy comes to the game wearing a New York Yankees cap, he will suck. The more "flair" to the cap (alternative colors, sticker, stitching proclaiming his love to Don Mattingly) you can be sure that sticking your eight month non-athletic pregnant sister in right field would have been a better choice.

- I want to be Chris Cooley. He could have chose Amanda Wenk, but guess the cheerleader will do.

For those inclined, Riverchasers is this evening, if its a non-NLHE format (and I do mean no crappy heads-up tournament where some people get double stacks) you'll find me belting out your favorite 80's hair band songs while watching the Twinkies try to find their identity. One night they look like the Long Haul Bombers taking on a local bar team that decided happy hour started four hours prior to game time (which is the best way to play softball imo). The next night they struggle to insert their two legs into the jock straps.

None of the AL Central teams are showing much gusto except Cleveland, so its there for the taking, yet the Twins seemed mired in the same inconsistancies as my sex life.

I raise a malt cup in hope of some power in the middle of our lineup. Hell, our leadoff hitter has more homers then Mauer, Cuddy, and Young combined!!!

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