Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beats Mowing the Lawn

Plane tickets for the Bash: Purchased two months ago but need to figure out transportation and sleeping arrangements. Anyone up for spliting a room/suite/jacuzzi and/or car that is getting into Philly around 11am-Noon on Friday? I have a date on the golf course with the beer cart chick as soon as I touch down in PA.

Plane tickets for Vegas: Purchased two minutes ago, staying at the lovely Imperial Palace from December 12th thru the 15th all by myself. Couldn't pass up $490 for two non-stop flights plus hotel at perfect departure times (could have saved $80 by having a layover in Atlanta coming home?!?!?!). Wife decided not to join me but rather nudged towards a spring break trip if I can earn some extra cash by then. I completely agreed with ruling, and plan to do all the drinking for her at the Geisha Bar so she doesn't feel bad.

This year I demand once again that steak dinner with one or both of the Nardi brothers, but this will only be accomplished by keeping Bobby Blackjack away from the tables and going busto while praying for hognuts within the first two hours of being in Vegas. The likelihood of 1985 Shuttle Run and Pull Up Champ from Michigan actually holding onto a hundo long enough to get a decent Porterhouse are like the continuous Cubs World Series dreams... I guess there's always next year.

Perhaps we can raise some money at the Bash for this. Anyone up for a bar olympics challenge? Choose one of the following bar sports to lose errr... I mean win some money!

- Cricket Darts

- Beer Pong

- Either Cornhole or that Photo Hunt game found at the bar

All challenges welcome, wagers will be taken only if me and Bracelet have a chance at winning.

Yeah I think that's fair.

No one wants to see a sad Spartan losing in Vegas, be kind and rewind, and think of the meat.

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