Monday, August 25, 2008

Like a Second Time Virgin

A new found respect for the professional "fluffers" out there.

I just hope I don't screw up your gigs, but damn I had fun yesterday live blogging the Sunday Million Warm-up with Short-Stack. Trust me, it WAS work, but I looked up at it was 7:30 and the wife let out her honey-do list that had waited until I logged off the computer.

I keep looking at the list of people who wrote yesterday and the eyesore of my name does not compute. Those are writers, I'm a numbers and accounting g33k that pretends to form funny metaphors and dark thoughts for the people who read things I post. The smile from last night as I returned August Rush this morning at McDonald's (not a bad movie, ending was a bit corny but strong performances all-around), received my McGriddle freshly made to fatty perfection, and was told that a token from Chuck E. Cheese is not legal tender, still hasn't left.

The number of readers does not matter to me, its the fact that I was able to sit down virtually with peers and friends, and produce something that didn't suck. Now the butterflies of the first time are gone, the hymen is broken, and fine-tuning and astroglide to come for a more enjoyable ride. It may not always be smooth, the words may stink up the joint at times, but its something that means a damn to me. Couldn't come at a more perfect time.

Unlike currently earning money for stockholders, the dividends of this job are going straight home. Mentally and monetarily.

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