Monday, August 11, 2008

What Comes First: The Chicken or The Egg?

Here’s a little curve ball this morning:

What is more important… the right question or the right answer?

My life was pretty much a straight line for the better part of 33 years. Get a little education, find a wife that tolerates me, get the gold watch and 30 year pension at the bullseye and set my manhood down on a suburban street while my 2.4 kids enjoy the Slip n’ Slide on the front lawn. Then something hit my time continuum like Purple Jesus smashing the hole created by the massive front line of the Vikes.


In all honesty, there’s a struggle daily to even look at the virtual cards from watching my online bankroll take a dive into the abyss. I’d like to think there are good plays coming forth from my fingertips but the end result does not increase my stack. There’s no joy in Mudville these days as the thoughts of being a decent player and WSOP contender are gone, left is a shell of knowledge from Harrington and Krieger with a sprinkle of Brunson. But, the game isn’t finished with me as playing live is just a shade under as exciting as Jessica Biel turning over in bed and saying “what would you like to do me?”.

That happened last week, I enjoyed all five seconds of it before it was time to make frozen waffles while watching new school Transformers cartoons.

The online game still lures me in, but more towards writing about it versus watching yet another mouth breather catch to split a pot or scoop after getting his money in so bad Bernie Mac leapt out of his grave to call him stupid. Yes, despite the google junta backlashing the free ad moneys and sending this blog back into obscurity (did I ever leave?) there’s quite a bit of blogging for buy-ins out there, I want to do much as my lanky frame can handle.

I don’t know how to phrase the correct question on which path to leap to or even look at, but the answer seems to present itself daily as status quo no longer piques my daily need for stimulation beyond searching for non-lesbian pictures of Lindsay Lohan on the net.

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