Monday, August 18, 2008

Fun For Less Then The Price of a Cup of Coffee

I'm happy the corporate workforce allows for Labor Day off, or the triple lindy of poker blogging at PokerStars with the two end-of-the-month tournaments (Battle of the Planets and Turbo Takedown) along with the Sunday Million, would have me trying coffee for the first time.

Yes, I get through 10 hour workdays after 1-2 hours of sleep, and four hours of getting mauled by two half-pints, followed by 1.5 hours of yelling about how I didn't stack the glasses in the dishwasher according to the correct GE sorting system algorithm last solved by Stephen Hawking.

Why can I? Because I'm still having fun and that's all that counts.

T-Jack looking good, now looking hurt?? If the Vikes can get anywhere near his poise in the regular season and playoffs (yes Herm I said PLAYOFFS) this could be the team to finally make the final push towards a Super Bowl victory. He doesn't need to win games, but needs to make sure he doesn't lose them. Heck, I even saw buttah-fingers Tight End Shiancoe make a nice grab in traffic this weekend. He's a wrecking ball once the velcro has a firm grip, but his hands make Featherstone from Neccessary Roughness look like Jerry Rice.

In other news.... Packers still suck.

I came up with that smack talk all on my own without using Google!

Enjoy your Monday.

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