Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Youbetcha Sweet Martha Cookies I'll Be There

Give your right hand a rest tonight while viewing the Brazilian Synco-swim twins at Wicked Chops Poker or a double lesbian dildo sandwich feature at YouPorn.

Its International Left-Handers Day!

I got nothing today except I epically failed to show at the skillz tourney last night but managed to lose both of my SnGs in increasingly normal fashion. Maybe I was just a barely better then break-even player and these last few months are throwing red ink on those profits of four years. If the kiddies head to bed early, and I need some more self-punishment I'll pony up for the Mookie. If not, getting sleep is going to be restless anyway with the Minnesota State Fair coming up next week!

Ok, frozen pickle juice on a stick doesn't exactly have most people frothing at the gash (still top 5 sayings of 2008!) but who can pass up 100,000+ sweaty Minnesotans dashing across the multiple cheese curd stands to see the best 4-H cocks in the state (no pics for the real Rooster)?

I'll be there next Friday, look for the tall shirtless guy with skin tight Absolute Poker PJ pants on, chasing down a two year old in pigtails while holding a 32oz. Leinie Honey Weiss and trying to glance at the chick who needs four bra straps to keep her overinflated water balloons from falling out.

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