Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Miracle is Five Years Old

Today is one of those days where reality gets blurred between the lines of what you want, and what you should want. In the past, today’s big announcement of a project I’ve headed from my worker drone position would have me tossing and turning in bed worrying about what four-star general wouldn’t like its functionality. The whispers of co-workers questioning my single digit IQ and their amazement that breathing and walking are motor skills I’m able to complete without a 50 page manual.

Instead my mind is already at CiCi’s pizza flanked by my now five year old son who will tell me about his going under water for a dive stick during swimming lessons today while snacking on a slice of garlic cheese bread. Sure, self-importance and self-esteem is a necessity, otherwise how would you pour that bowl of raisin bran every morning assuring yourself good digestive health for the next ten minutes before taking down a pair of McGriddles and three hash browns. Ok, maybe you personally aren't on a health kick yet, but a positive reaction to that reflection in the mirror should be a goal in life. I watch many peers stake their claims on job titles and pieces of paper. In twenty years those papers will be gathering dust and the basement drawer holding the coffee mug received for getting that promotion will sit dormant.

The memories of a hard backed bench, second-rate pizza slice being held by a glowing face of someone who is glad that you took the time to have sex, and the family that surrounded the parlour with rainbow colored party hats. There’s your self-importance, because no matter how small of a deed, you made a difference in someone else’s life not job.

I’m done being crabby now. Here’s one of my favorite song that never fails to put a smile on my face.

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