Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thumping With the Prez

"Sand in your crotch? Yeah, me too, I call them Democrats though"*
Nice ass. If you're not watching women's beach volleyball, put down the hair products while getting ready to sit down for your DVR'd block of The View and turn on the HDTV for live shots of amazon women jumping and down.
I watched the replay three times of that 4x100 relay for Lezak who came from two continents back to win. Video replay for flipper and trawling motors usage was inconclusive despite the wake being produced.
But if full-contact badminton is more your thing, hit up this video.
Skillz game tonight for the kiddies on Full Tilt, I haven't played in a blogger tourney for almost a month I'm sure my money is missed and may force me to make a donation tonight.
* Not true, and I suck at political humor because I don't follow such nonsense, but I hope you agree she has a great ass

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