Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Suburban Shadows Show Their True Colors

The nine year old baseball player being ostracized by worthless suburban parents on other teams who think only about themselves and not their kids?

Should be subjected to child abuse laws for turning their kids into pansies. "He throws too hard", "They win too much", "My Jaguar isn't as shinny as hers", "My ass is the size of pregnant hippo"


Seriously? All those parents are doing to the kids are teaching them its ok to get up and quit when someone is better then you.


Its not about "safety" because the little phenom has a heater. Its about protecting the egos of the people behind the fence and in the stands holding their camcorders with squirt bottles of Crown and Coke sitting next to them and getting an erection when little Jeffy gets a bloop single during a 18-1 blowout that causes a hugglefest amongst people more selfish then the guy who hordes all the crab legs at a Chinese buffet.

Fuckin tools. Grow up, you're not in high school anyone, the popular crowd still isn't your ticket to getting laid with that four year old condom making an "O" indentation on your wallet. Have the maturity to admit that someone's team/players are better, let your kid try his/her best, then treat your son or daughter to a soft serve with sprinkles at the DQ afterwards while chatting about the game. Show some interest in THEIR lives, not your pathetic existence that hinges on a nine year old lacing a drive down the line during little league.

/end rant

Played skillz game, bubbled skillz game. I still love poker (but it would be nice to win more then once a year).

Bash in one month. Al better practice his virtual animal killing, the challenge is accepted.

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