Monday, August 04, 2008

One Thousand Posts of Hate (and some love)

Laid up today after puking at work after a half hour.

The bad slide playing poker continues and I don't think there's any further abyss I can crawl into. There's no fun to losing all these months yet here I am firing up Stars, Tilt for some backdoor action whenever my liver decides to get back up from the 15 TKO curtesy of the Cap'n this weekend.

Take a beating, ask for more, much like marriage, happy hour with AlCantHang, or your local S & M kink shop. Right now I'm staring at this icon on Stars "EspnPokerPro" in a smallish PLO8 tourney and bile rises from my throat in anger to such a nasty picture that makes getting up for another orange flavored icy-pop to keep whatever hasn't exited my body pass the posted speed limit on its way to my clean bed linens.

I thought I'd mention this is post number 1,000 for the simple fact that we like internet nerds enjoy such stats of futility. I'd offer a chance to win something fabulous but thanks to the Google overlords, yet another long time ad here has canceled. Mix Google tilt with watching my twindling supply of online poker chips and you get a pouty kid here that is being forced to watch Brett Farve: The Reality Show, instead of the punny geniusness of Sportcenter.

Just bring Erin Andrews (shown above) into the studio and watch the non-Boston sports fans viewship skyrocket.

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