Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Retailing the Retailer

Make no mistake, this minimum pricing ruling hurts you the consumer. The only reason a vendor would care about how much you sell their wares for is image. No, Andre Agassi's image of nailing Steffi Graf on a semi-regular basis is still solid according to various gossip rags. But, a retailer taking say a Gucci purse and selling it for $2 when Gucci said you must sell it for at least $500 is a no-no for the retailer now.

Gucci of course was already paid for the purse by the retailer so why should they care? The profit margin is the retailer's alone unless there's some sort of per-piece sale agreement during a special "sale". Nice work cloaked ones behind the bench, you just made online discounting insolvent. There's a loophole of course and that's to get the product indirectly from the vendor but the middleman will probably eat up too much of the margin to make that worth it.

And knowing is half the battle kids.

Beach Volleyball is the new Baywatch (just not as bouncy and sadly fewer sex tapes). Expect the already popular sport to hit a wider audience as the ladies will be forced to wear g-strings to prevent nasty ass cheek shaffing in the 2009 season. It could happen right?
My wife made the mistake of setting the clock for PM instead of AM, what level of sarcasm should I go for?
Five-year old: Mommy, do you have trouble walking into doors often?
High School kid: Do you see the BIG dot next to the letters "P" and "M" that's supposed to tell you something
Drizz: Yes honey, its perfectly ok to mix up morning and evening just like its ok for me to hit the wrong hole like a rabid bull in Pamplona during our sexy fun time once a month

Hope Betty and The Wife are enjoying their trip, awesome pics go check them out.

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