Thursday, September 22, 2005

Big Storm

Nothing like those hurricane storms in Louisiana and Mississippi but some powerful winds and rain ripped through Minnesota last night (hopefully Chad and Halverson don't have too much yard work this afternoon). Our house and trees were spared but many people are still without electricity this morning.... like my office building.

When the supervisor comes in and says "see you on Monday" I'm not one to argue :)

A little R and R for today and tomorrow is just what I needed after some nefarious bloggers have managed to keep me up past my bedtime with bribes to play Euchre. As Otis mentioned last night "euchre cash games will be prevailing in Vegas".

Bower up!! I can always use some extra money for those penny slots ;)

My winning streak continued at the PLO8 tables last night to chip away at the sea of red numbers on Pokertracker...

*** Props from the Author *** I had an issue with several hands from PokerStars not loading into the database, 2 emails in two hours from Mike @ Pokertracker and I was up and running. Thanks again for the wonderful service you guys provide for this product. Any chance of getting BoDog hand histories soon?


Day 4 of the $10 to Plane Ticket challenge on Bet365... current balance $124.38
Luck hit me over the head like Badblood wielding a chair vs. the resident poker blogging Bulldog last night, as I correctly put the opponent on a dry A2 low draw but I managed to catch a wheel when his low got counterfeited to go with my flopped two pair for a scoop on the second hand that I played. Right now I'm trying out the $1/$2 LHE *shudder* tables to acquire 50 raked hands for the $10 bonuses up to $100. I'd play LO8 but there's never a game, and the $.50/$1 PLO8 tables are a bit high to multi-table for the promotion.


Wife is calling for me to help with the yard work. I guess her definition of "taking it easy" isn't the same as mine.

Thanks for dropping by, tomorrow be prepared to watch Drizz the Greek take his 2-9 NFL betting records to lows that the 80s Tampa Bay Bucs couldn't match.

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