Monday, September 19, 2005

Winner's Tilt

No, the Vikes and Lions don't have to worry winner's tilt this morning. Considering the amount of completions their quarterbacks threw to the other team, they should worry about signing Jeff George or Andre Ware back to the team for a fresh arm.

As a fan, am I worried that the team isn't going to meet expectations?

Damn straight.

What. The. Fuck. Mr. Culpepper?

Whine for more money when you can't keep your interception number lower then the Twins offensive output for a week?

Jaded fan? Yeah, that's me. You have a rockin defensive line, corners that would make any NFL team drool with envy. And an offense that has been feared for almost a decade. And you look like an Andro-induced version of Little Giants trying to run a screen play. Last week I thought it was just jitters, this week there was no excuse to this pummling. I'd like to wear my #99 jersey in Vegas in December for the WPBT Imperial Palace tourney (see Bill Rini for more cool updates) and not feel like a Browns fan. I stopped watching early in the 3rd quarter to go play some low limit PLO8 with $10 I found on BET365 and turn it into $60, thus paying for my hotel room in December for two nights. I'll be thankful for that once I get to sin city.

Anyone else believe the NFL Central is going to be won by the team who just doesn't suck more then the other teams?


Another semi-relaxing weekend, as we only spent one night up at the cabin since bowling started. I tried to stay awake for the car ride up, but something about playing poker until 2:30am the night before didn't help my sleep patterns. The wife was not amused by my snoring, and I was not amused by her waking me up. Am I rude for sleeping when she doesn't have anything to say?

Yes. Your a terrible husband and a pox on society in general.

Closing up the cabin with the exception of dropping by in two weeks to have the place winterized made me realize what a great investment this place was. The walks with Little Drizz are nothing short of a shot of adrenaline when I'm dragging. All two years old of him is always asking me to taking him out on these walks and watching him learn and question things is what makes all those dirty diapers and tantrums worth it. He clings to me everytime a golf cart comes down the tree lined dirt roads, but immediately turns around to wave to the driver and passengers which are met with the "oh, how cute" look. I'm a proud dad much little every other dad out there. Can you tell?

Also caught a little time to break the seal on Split Games for the Advanced Player by Ray-Zee. I'm not advanced, nor am I a limit player, but there were some decent concepts I shall try to segue into my weak-tight PLO8 game. I've already started to become more aggressive with blind and pot steals when I hold cards that warrant it.

For example: I hold A 3 J Q with the A being a diamond and the flop comes out 7 9 J with two diamonds and 6 people in the pot. I'll call off a bet with the intention of raising/check-raising on the turn should the third diamond fall. Why, especially when someone could have flopped the straight? PLO8 is about drawing to the nuts, granted in the lower limits you CAN get away with doing nothing but nut-peddling because people will call you down with that Queen or King high flush (I was guilty of this, but that was short-handed, different game and mind-set there). But, when there's regulars at a table (and if you play the same level even for a period of a week, you'll see the same names come up since Omaha tends to be a specialized group, kinda like those kids who wore helmets to school) you have to outplay them in order to make a profit. Semi-bluffing while holding the key to the nuts is excellent strategy against these type of opponents, just make sure your read is dead-on or it can end up costing you a good portion of your stack.

I made two brain dead plays last night, trying to call down a cinch player with just trips (he filled up on the flop) and not giving enough respect to someone who called my semi-bluff on the flop. These two plays cost me half of my profits for the night. It took a three way stack all-in scoop and a nice 3/4th to get me unstuck and back into the black. This time I couldn't blame having six games going, but yet another distraction.


Ugh, I need to lock myself in a room when I play big-bet poker or this cycle of shipping virtual chips off on idiot plays is going to continue.

Think the wife will notice I forgot to throw her panties in the dryer? Oh well.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you're not caught up with your blogger reading Iggy lays out the next WPBT online event in his most recent uber-post. I'll be railbirding this one since its softball night. Someone be sure to CALL an all-in with 99 for me.

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