Friday, September 09, 2005

Sanity Is Found At Home

Not always, but a nice three mile walk with Little Drizz on a mild Minnesota afternoon can really do some good.

Even to my fledging poker game.

After failing to stay awake for the Raiders/Pats game conclusion last night (waking up on the couch at midnight is not cool). I was refreshed enough to offer the little guy a long walk to clear my mind and grab my favorite sesame chicken dish at Leeann Chin's, as well as ship back the copy of "Drop Dead Fred" that mis-shipped. I know it contains hottie Phoebe Cates but the lack of a pool/spanking scene its just not the same.

After a filling lunch and holding up the line at the post office because my retarded ass forgot to package up and address the movie, we headed to...

Two good things about this place in the afternoon.

1) No shortage of MILFs bouncing around trying to keep their sugar-induced kid under wraps.

2) Excellent "check in" idea, they stamp your hand with a number that matches the one that's also stamped on your child, can't leave without em.

One bad thing.

1) No diaper changing rack in the Men's bathroom.

There's one in the women's room ( I checked for journalistic integrity). I forsee feminist around the world burning their bras in the ball crawl because of this sexist oversight. So, Little Drizz's diaper explosion had to be replace on the cool, dirty bathroom floor. He was not happy.

On the way out there's pictures with the various "theme characters" and sayings like "Hope you come back soon!" and other pleasantries. One with Chuck E. Chesse all dressed up in a baseball uniform ready to swing for the fences and the saying "The Big Cheese Is Batting a .1000!". Its 1.000 you statisical idiot. If you're batting .1000 you are probably either playing on a house league where everyone has to bat, or chewing gum and holding a bat at the same time takes up 99% of your brain capacity leaving 1% to breathe.

On the brighter side of the moon, Drizz is happy again until my trail membership at runs out. Yeah, I had a winning session this afternoon, scoring one for the good guys.

Thanks for dropping by, now go crush some games this weekend. I'll be putting my flowered surfer shorts and playing in a co-ed volleyball tourney this weekend. Anyone want some pics of hot volleyball chicks and some pasty white guys playing volleyball with them? I shall try to keep the pastiness to a minimum.

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