Friday, September 23, 2005

Drizz The Greek's Week 3 NFL Picks

I know you get up early to view this.

You don't?

I suck?

At least you're being honest.

First a poker musing since I need to remind myself when I actually cash in tournaments. I tried the insane $11 Rebuy at Stars with 1670 other fellow strait-jacketed players. This tournament marked the first time I came out of my fossil encased shell and became an aggressive player.

83o in position and folded to me? RAISE IT UP! Blind steal from the button? Not taking my big blind on my watch bucko. I got caught twice in over nearly four hours and didn't give up when my stack became a little low. Usually it only takes one hand to make me give up on a tourney, this time I fought back. But damn what hard work! Actually watching who's active at the table, who can lay down their pocket pair when you check-raise them, and remaining sober for four hours is tough!

Did I get lucky? No, I got my money in with the best of it through EVERY showdown (all three of them). Including the required AK vs. A8 bustout beat. The cards were laced with liquid nitrogen as I never got aces, only saw KK and QQ once, and AK twice (second time didn't work out too well). Because of this I'm not sure tournament poker is for me. I don't seem to have the patience required to go deep in these fields. All of my steal attempts, slowplaying (yes, yet more uncharted territory for this same proclaimed rock), and check-raises were planned unlike the usual "aw-fuck-it" bets, but the amount of decisions and noting on my opponents was very taxing. I'll keep tourney poker as a "fun" thing to do when the cash games get a little stale with cold cards.

PokerStars Tournament #12672502, No Limit Hold'emBuy-In: $10.00/$1.001609 playersTotal Prize Pool: $67270.00 Tournament started - 2005/09/22 - 22:15:00 (ET)Dear Drizztdj, You finished the tournament in 171st place.A $53.81 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

Better then nothing.


Now for what you've all been waiting for..... My NFL picks of the week!! *cue the cool CBS "NFL Today Show old school music* bah-bah-bum, bah-bah-bum

If you want to know how to lose those poker earnings effectively STEP RIGHT UP!

Cinci -3.5 (Bungles no more, I'm betting heavily on this game like maybe $11 instead of my usual $10)

Two Team Parlay
Bills (-2.5) and Bucs (-4) They played each other last week, this time they're free'd up to win some green for me!

Three Team Six Point Teaser bet
Can you tell I like weird bets?
Rams (-.5) , Eagles (-2), Bungles (+2.5) I figure on winning exactly one of these bets through the 17 weeks

Money Line
NYG (+220) Go Eli Manning? Gotta say these guys are looking impressive on both sides of the ball

Round Robin pick (courtsey of BoDog)
A round robin pick is much like an Exacta-box bet at the horse tracks: except here you pick 3 to 8 horses, must come in first and second. Except in this case, your team needs to win and you get paid for each combination you get right. Much clearer and more grammarically correct explanation is found here.

Four team Round Robin Parlay!
Eagles (-8.5) , Bungles (-3), Indy (-14), and Seachickens (-6)
They're all "boxed" so each two teams is treated like a $5 parlay with the other.

Have a good weekend folks, I'm actually staying home this weekend and hopefully taking a shot at paying off that plane ticket through Bet365 and maybe some more tourneys if time permits.

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