Friday, September 16, 2005

Drizz The Greek's Week 2 NFL Picks

Starting off a wonderful 1-4 on the season is the norm for me early in the season as the strength of the teams are still being defined.

Ok that was a load of BS.

Matter of fact the online sportbooks lick their chops every time I 3/4th a pot in PLO8, knowing the money will be redistributed to the vig and parlay bets.

But, I'm here to offer my picks this week with absolutely no research, I picked them because it seemed like the cool thing to do at the time. Kinda like hitting on your friend's sister at a party and offering to "drive her home".

Anyway.... here's my contribution to the quasi-legal sportsbooks this week.

Cinci -3 (Being a die-hard Vikes fan I know one thing that hasn't changed in 15 years... the inability to win on the road, on grass) No, I'm not giving up my helga horns and Culpepper boxer shorts just yet

2 team Parlay
Lions -2.5 and Miami +6.5 (Lions looked impressive last week in shutting down Farve, and Miami's D should manage to befuddle Chad P. enough to cover)

Bills -2.5 (I think I got a good line here, watch this line probably hit 4 by gametime)

Three team 6 point teaser
49ers +19 (Just gonna pray on this one) Packers -.5 (betting against the Purple and betting on the Pack is enough to get your state ID revoked, don't tell anyone about this okey-dokey?) San Diego Super Chargers! +9 (Brees welcomes back his TE who scores TDs)


On a side note thanks to all the bloggers who kept me up till 2:30am. You guys rock.

Have a good weekend folks, going up to the cabin once again this week for a little R and R and to get over winner's tilt from my VERY good PLO8 session last night.

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