Sunday, September 25, 2005

Stay On Target

I tried to upload a coolio Star Wars pic but Blogger doesn't seem to want to let me upload pics for some reason. Stupid free programs not working, what the fuck people?!?!!?

Ok I've gotten my sarcasm out of the way for the morning. Maybe.

First I'd like to send out a big thanks to the customer service team. For some reason my address will not send out emails to them, but Yahoo! did. Head scratching and annoying like dandruff but life goes on with or without the flakes. Anyway... the bonus they are currently peddling ($10 per 50 raked hands up to $100) is easy to clear but you need to email their customer support to request the bonus monies transfer. If you've ever had to deal with PartyPoker's email dis-service you'd probably be groaning.

PartyPoker this is not.

Within only four hours I got the following email in surprisingly well-versed English (probably because is in England where they speak English for some reason):

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that at the last count the total number of raked hands you
have played in the September Bonus Bonanza promotion was 311. I am
therefore pleased to confirm I have credited your account with $60 worth
of bonus chips, taking your total earned in this promotion to $60.

Please allow 15 minutes for these funds to show in your account.

If you require any further assistance with regard to this or any other
matter please do not hesitate to contact us here at Customer Services.
Our team are available 24 hours a day by e-mail or telephone on 1 866
3333 238 and will be pleased to assist you.

Kind Regards


No, thank YOU Craig. Awesome. I thought I'd have to pull teeth to receive the bonus but it ended up easier then hiring an escort in Las Vegas.

Blogger ate my post from here. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH! I'll try to match the mastery I had down. What a fuckin joke.


Day 7 of the $10 to plane ticket challenge on $148.92 Bonus money certainly kept me afloat to due to some cold cards and worst "plays" I made at calling stations that won't lay down that ten high flush. Back to nut peddling I go.



My friend E was gracious enough to open his home to his friends and little rugrats for the game. Also whipping up some of his famous chili (unfortunately I'm not much of a chili eater, and resigned to eat too many cookies and brownies).

In the first half they looked like the promising over-hyped team of the pre-season. Culpepper throwing darts to wide open receivers, a running game that managed to get past the line of scrimmage while on their two feet. And a defense that came up with turnovers and sacks.

In the second half the defense was still hot but the offense certainly took a cold shower during halftime. If the Vikes want to be dancing in Detroit for the final game of the year they need to find some consistency for all quarters, not just after running up a 24-0 lead.

While we're on the football tangent, did anyone else catch the Gopher game? Best. Gopher. Game. Ever.

Wow. I nearly turned off the set after Cupito managed to throw to the wrong team who ran the wrong way to score a touchdown for the wrong team deep in the fourth quarter and groan something about the loss to Michigan last year.

But this team came back. Big. For the first time in the Glen Mason era they fought back against a ranked opponent and scored with less then minute left, completed the two point conversion, and won in double OT. I'll be glued to the set for the remainder of the season even if they go 4-8. Rock on oversized chipmunks, its your birthday, and this year you might get roses as a present.


Back to poker-ism... I have erased three months worth of red ink in one week. No, I didn't cash big in a MTT, just grinding out cash on the PLO8 $100 and $200 cash games. I'm staying on target for the WSOP, in which I will hold myself to my promise to play if I should acquire a five figure income by next June. I know my current streak at the cash games will not last, but a steady profit from these games should provide me enough to grab a seat next to the 860th ranked player in the world at the Rio next year.


Still pissed blogger ate my post. Yes I know about the Word thingy, but I'm at work.


Repeating commercials.

These annoy me greatly.

I wish throw sharp objects into the eyes of those at the TV stations that allow this. Yes, I know all about IBendUOver's employee discount sale PLUS $1,000 CASH BACK ON ANY tricked-out Aerostar PURCHASE THIS WEEKEND!!@!@#@! I remembered it after the dude with the comb over and pants five sizes too small came on the first time to audibly clean out my waxy build up in my ear from shouting about the sale for 30 seconds straight. Maybe it was a different car salesman, but my point is why must you repeat the commerical 6 times between Chris "back back back" Berman's Plays of the Week. I'd much rather see some overpaid athlete make a diving grab or a crushing tackle, then an overweight sleazy car saleman selling me something I have no intention on ever buying. That goes for feminine hygeine product commericals on ESPN as well. Douche somewhere else thankyouverymuch.

Next time a commerical repeats more then twice in a five minute span, I'm sending Little Drizz down to your station to help with the editing. He likes buttons.


Thanks for dropping by, now get those tickets for the WPBT Imperial Palace tourney!! I'm still pissed about blogger eating my post. Stupid free programs.

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