Thursday, September 01, 2005

Getting Hungry

I like mine with lettuce and tomato

Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes

Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer

Well good God Almighty which way do I steer for my... Cheeseburger in Paradise

Jimmy Buffett - Cheeseburger in Paradise

I admit to only being an avid fan of Mr. Buffett but his song woke me up this morning before the long holiday weekend and he gets the nod as I try to incorporate yet another pop song into a post. Just be happy Pantera's "Fuckin Hostile" didn't come up again as it did during my cash in a MTT on Noble last night. ONE TWO THREE FOUR!!!!

Good god Drizz, is that a "teaser"?

Yes, yes it is.

By the way, my cheeseburger would have 2 hearty strips of bacon, 3 kinds of cheese, Honey-BBQ sauce, and deep fried onion shavings on it. Hold the pickle. Don't forget the cheese fries and tall Cap'n Coke to wash it down.

Gott Sei Dank heute ist Donnerstag. Imperfect Deutsch from two years of sleeping thru Mrs. Tischer's class in high school. If the pretzel is on the chalkboard you may only converse in German. A slice of Apple Pie? English is acceptable. Sleeping? Would get you a spray of water in the face. Stehe auf Herr Drizz!

I couldn't help it that her class was the first of the day and right after 5am pitcher's practice that lasted two hours before even the janitors showed up. Working at Target till 11pm most nights then getting up at 4:30am to listen to Coach Darby demand all pitchers to hold the flamingo position for five minutes or run a lap around the school's perimeter during the afternoon practice with the rest of the team made for a tired kid. One lap = One mile. Not a good way to start out the 2 hour practice after school.

With all the extra practice, why would you want to be a pitcher or a catcher? In my case it was my ticket to a varsity letter since a strong but wild arm was no good in the outfield. Throw it over the 20 foot backstop from 250 feet away? Yes, I've done it, more then once. But, on the mound I could put the fear of god into the opposing batter by throwing a perfect strike one pitch and peg the mascot Nuke LaLoosh style on the next pitch. Most high school games lasted 2 hours, tops. My games averaged 3.5 hours. Walk, strikeout, walk, strikeout, walk, ground ball. Not to mention my pre-pitch routine of walking around the mound and straight up to the rubber. Every. Pitch. Patience was something I had in abundance. My teammates? Well, there was a reason why I led the team in unearned runs given up.

Last night I found that patience again in a MTT. I threw the strikeouts when needed getting the double ups in spots where I was a big favorite. Errors were kept to a minimum with the help of a coach on the sidelines reminding me to stay patient despite someone who value checked his runner-runner full house to suckout my flopped straight.

Normally I go broke there.

Instead, I made the final table and a cash. It didn't feel like I was deep in the tourney as I was busy chatting with the bloggers and adding some songs to my iPod. I had one scare as I pushed with AQ in middle position with 17 people left and got called by a weak player who had been getting lucky. He flipped over KQ, care to guess the door card? Sigh. Ready to let loose with a line of profanity that would make Sam Kinison roll over in his grave, a beautiful Ace came on the turn and I took those chips to the final table after getting 2 orbits of non-playable cards. Card death again led me to run AJs into KK for a 10th place finish out of ~80 or so players.

Drizz is happy. And he's gonna go eat his cheeseburger now. No cold draft beer till after work though.

Have a good weekend folks, wedding reception and Labor Day cook-out are on tap for the holiday weekend. I had a rant about the gas prices but that's a little insensitive considering the conditions in Mississippi and New Orleans. I watched a report the other day where a woman's husband of 53 years, died on the highway of a heart attack and the cops response? "Push him somewhere so he won't smell bad". Oy. I know law enforcements are streched thin with patience but damn, use just a little bit of tact in a situation like that.

Thanks for dropping by, now go tell CJ to get some damn sleep. He's working his ass off to provide awesome coverage of Katrina's wreckage.

Edit addition: Paul Phillips does it again. He takes you inside of several hands of his most recent tournament except.... he doesn't tell you what he's holding, nor what the opponents turned over. Definitely a brain teaser for those tournament junkies out there.

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