Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Something For Nothing

Waiting for someone to call
And turn your world around
Looking for an answer
To the question you have found
Looking for
An open door

Something For Nothing - Rush

Everyone loves the quarter/dollar/hundred that you find in your pocket. Easy money. How about that iPod that someone dropped while you were shopping at Gap? Sweet! Its packed with the complete remix-collection of William Hung as done by Cyndi Lauper? Score!

There's a fun quote from Fast Eddie Felson in the Color of Money "Money won is twice as sweet as money earned". Every person who gambles on a semi-regular basis believes this. How often to you look at your weekly/bi-monthly/1st and 15th paycheck and start doing the Icky Shuffle in your Powerpuff Girls boxers? Now how to you feel when you check-raise the unsuspecting mouth-breather across the felt on the river and he calls with a second-best hand? Feel the difference? Can I possibly put more question marks in a row? Think I should keep going? Are we having fun yet?

As I'm lining up my travel arrangements for the Imperial Palace WPBT event in December I would throughly enjoy having people on the virtual felt pay for the trip. How do I get them to donate to such an unworthy cause? Play PLO8 with some money I found and roll it (hopefully) into a plane ticket. I was bored after the first half of the Vikes game (must... suppress... urge... to... smash... Culpepper bobblehead) so I clicked on some of the poker sites I haven't visited since my bonus whoring days and found a whopping $10 JUST SITTING THERE at Bet365. I played a little .10/.20 PLO8 since it was the only table where I wouldn't be severly short-stacked and rolled it up to $25. Me likey. Now I see that the site is offering $10 per 50 raked hands up to $100. Hmmmm, I figure the plane ticket will be in the $200-$250 range, why not try to win it here?

Day 2 - move up to the .20/.40 table and the plane-roll (get it? its like BANK-roll but only... ah forget it) creeps up to $75 after yet another session where someone thought he had quads holding 4449. I remember Prima players not being the brightess but you'd think they would figure out how to play before throwing away a stack in a big bet game as opposed to limit. Caveat Emptor my friend.


One of the few TV shows I view on a semi-regular basis premired last night. Las Vegas. Oh man those helicopter-views across Las Vegas Blvd. are not helping the urge to go. Since I missed out on the final few episodes of last season the beginning made NO sense to me. Re-opening? Hot new bitchy owner? Where the hell is Scary Spice?!?!?! Nikki Cox was looking striking as ever but I didn't really understand the "Jake" thing and if she was starting work again or just there to party at the end of the show. James Caan needs to caan the chin fuzz thingy and stick with acting bad-ass. And more pool/party scenes thankyouverymuch.


Up 10-0, 4th and 15 with little under 4 minutes remaining in the game. Drizz put a last minute bet on Dallas -6.5, he could feel the money doubling in his pocket then... they forget to cover the one guy who can actually catch and run for the Redskins TWICE and they lose. Stick with selecting hot ladies for the sidelines because you obviously can't win a game that's been tied up in a pretty little bow for you. Just for that I'm betting on your team for the rest of the season. Hope you enjoy being 1 - 15 again.

Thanks for dropping by, now go view the only pairs of legs that were working for the Dallas Cowboys last night.

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