Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fishin In The Dark

And it don't matter if we sit forever and the fish don't bite
Jump in the river and cool ourselves from the heat of the night
Baby get ready.....OoooooooOoo.

"Fishin' In The Dark"

- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Got the song stuck in your head? Good. The damn thing wouldn't leave my head after K102's morning show played it. I was going to meld in whatever song came on first on my iPod this morning but I'm not sure how 5th Symphony by Beethoven could be used in a poker blog. A challenge perhaps?

Sorry not this morning.

I got home from softball late last night to hear the usual ribbing going on between bloggers but unfortunately could not see the action as I did not have the funds to take full advantage of the 100% match bonus by Titan (I am not an affliate, go see other well deserving blogs for that). Since I didn't get to see him last night, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULY!! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, continue to ride the wave my friend. That and more pics of hot European women thank you very much.

I WAS going to chat a little with WPBT Euchre tourney partner BG and a certain Pokemon Backpack sized blogger who typed like he was at a bar with Al, and go to bed. So much for best laid plans. As the chatting got interesting, I decided to pull up a couple of PLO8 games on Stars and BoDog to work off their bonuses while conversing about the upcoming WPBT Imperial Palace event. Then a flood of bloggers join in the chat and soon I was whisked away to the land of bowers and alone bids.

Euchre baby.

And we played until 1:00am which is why I am just hoping not to drool too much on my desk this morning despite being wide awake for no known reason (I don't do coffee). Me and Otis gave an euchre tutorial for two matches thus catching the ire of a poker princess and a G-Vegas self-proclaimed Euchre Grand Master. At softball I watched a team get beat 24-0 in 15 minutes... our victories were only sightly more difficult.

Wha? Smack talk? In my best midwestern twang... ubetcha!

It wasn't until a mysterious figure by the name of Uncle Ted showed up and CJ going alone 50,000 times did I lose for the night. It was that kind of night, maybe I should have skipped softball and possibly won a coin flip in the WPBT tourney... that just silly talk, you never win coin tosses Drizz.

The tournament will begin in one minute, please take your seat.

Among the mass IM'ing and euchre playing I signed up for a PLO8 MTT. I wish I could foreshadow into a cash/final table/win but my mind wasn't into it like it should have been. There was loads of horrible play, and if this is a regular tourney I'll suck it up and try it again on a non-school night. Without paying attention I finished in the top ~20% 49th out of 227. People overvalued their lows WAY too much often putting their tournament hopes on the line to draw at splitting the pot. Why? You're risking your tournament life to get your money back or if the low doesn't hit you're gone. Extremely -EV play. Granted this was my first PLO8 tourney but there's no reason to chase a draw for all of your chips unless its going to get you a 3/4th or a scoop. Its probably the biggest leak in the game of a newer player. I know I'm not immune to chasing a dry low draw from time to time and its a leak I'm getting better at controling.


Day 3 of the $10 to Plane Ticket Bet365 challenge: Bankroll now at $81 and I'm playing the .25/.50 tables but I found out these are NOT eligible for the $10 per 50 raked hands promotion (only .50/1 PL/NL and 1/2 limit and up) so.... I may switch over to $1/$2 limit *shudder* if/when I hit $100 to pick up the free cash for raked hands.


On a more solemn note we buried my wife's grandfather yesterday in a short, personal service at the cemetery yesterday afternoon. He passed away several months ago, but wanted to be buried on his birthday. Since he was creamated, token items were placed into 100 pound "vault" along with a box containing his ashes. Little Drizz brought coins representing Denver's ability to find loose change while taking the my wife and her sister on walks when they were little. A golf ball and an old, beat up fishing lure were also placed in the vault so he could enjoy his favorite hobbies. It was tough dredging up those feelings again, but Little Drizz's fixation on the trains going by in the background CHOO-CHOO! CHOO-CHOO!, kept the air light for everyone.

Sorry to switch gears faster then a tired PMS'ing woman but its my blog about my life. Good times and bad. Wins and loses. Spanking CJ and Maigrey senseless in euchre and losing to the shady Uncle Ted. You get the picture.

Thanks for dropping by, now go visit the winner of last night's WPBT event... hell I can't find anyone who has posted the results yet. I'll edit this once someone points out the victor or victoress.

Edit: Type "euchre blog" in Yahoo's search engine and see what pops up first.... CJ's dream has come true.

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