Wednesday, September 28, 2005

There's Was A Time...

No Aerosmith, no sappy broken-heart, limp wrist love songs today.

Can anyone explain why Club crackers are so damn addicting? Light, Flaky, Buttery... yum.

My shortened work week begins today as I'm leaving the office to control 60 gigging Jr. High School volleyball players in their first game. I took up the post to be the head ref of the games because
a) my wife coaches one of the teams and
b) it pays three times per hour then my regular job (gambling money anyone?).
When I first took to the stand three years ago I thought of angry soccer-mom/dad types mobbing me after games when I'd make a call against their daughter who everyone just KNOWS will make varsity next year.

That never happened.

In fact most of the parents come up to me to ask why certain calls were made because no ref had ever bothered to make such calls. I don't treat the games like those you see on TV with the amazon A-cupped ladies in dental floss spiking the balls at 35 MPH. There's no sense in blowing the whistle more then an ex-Enron accountant. I teach the young ladies after making a foul what they can do to prevent it from happening again. And every year by the last game they finally get it and stop the eye rolls and generally get better at the game. I help coach them (for free) with my wife on Fridays to teach proper technique since my wife is more of a supervisor then a coach. Doing it for good karma? Naw, I do it because I enjoy playing volleyball, much like Euchre, it took up the majority of my time in college.

Typical college day: Go to required business class, play euchre in the student union, go to required computer class, go play euchre, blow off rest of the day and play volleyball in the gym, go to The Townhouse and play euchre till the ability to deal ceased.

And that's how I became the academic stud I am today! Sigh. Oh well, at least I can spell l-u-g-e Mr. Omaha!!

Last night's WSOP viewing.
This was the first time I'd sat down to watch both hours of the WSOP recap on ESPN.

The first hour was meh, until they got Chan/Laak heads-up. Chan is unflappable. Not once did he look annoyed by Laak's pixie stick high jabbering and routine. The third person thing was funny, and I enjoyed the "can I have a lifeline" joke as well, could have done without the dancing and push ups though. It leaves me confuzzled to see someone can bust out pop culture jokes while playing for $250K however. Seeing that I bring home about 1/10th of that per year.

The PLO tourney that Ivey wins needed more Hellmouth. I have never seen nor heard anything like him. Cooler?!!? Are you kidding me?!?!!? Why was the only bluff shown throughout the whole telecast done by Hellmouth? Are they trying to pump up this guy's ego beyond its current interplanetary size?

Robert Williamson once again proves he rocks at Omahahaha makes his fourth final table in four years, and having the sense to lay down a set with two all-ins in front of him. But, unfortunately the one hand (trip queens bad kicker) that he should have laid down heads-up vs. Ivey he didn't.
But hey, at least he won at air hockey! L-O-U-G-E? Good job Robert, you just made a Winter Olympian in Colorado Springs (or is it Lake Placid?) cry.


My attempts to crawl over the final line of the $10 to plane ticket challenge at Bet365 were met with heavy resistance as I couldn't help myself to push my edges with a maniac last night. Final balance $168.54

Won't get me to Aruba with DoubleAs, but it will pay a hefty chunk of the Vegas trip ;)

AA2X (X being a wheel or broadway card) double suited was shot down by K678 and KT27 (rainbow!) respectively when we got all-in pre-flop. And getting quartered on the river twice in a row to eliminate all of the profit for the night. Thank you sir, please come back when this red cloud forming in my head goes away. I didn't have the patience to wait out this mouth breather unfortunately because I recognized I was tired and I took my one stack loss and went to bed.

A sign of maturing at the table?


Ugh. I suck at pictures and the internet.

I was tired for other reasons that I'll reveal in a couple of weeks, maybe... DRAMA!

Thanks for dropping by, now go here next time to combat tilt with the sounds of relaxing TV!

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