Thursday, November 03, 2005

Day 1: Tournament Challenge "The Quest for Mediocrity"

$20 + $2 180 person SnG (PokerStars)
$10+ $1 396 person NLHE MTT (Full Tilt)
$24 + $2 Satellite for the weekend $216 Tournament (Full Tilt)

Total amount spent: -$59.00
Total amount won: $0.00
Cash Game winnings/losses (used to defray the cost of the tournaments if possible): +$52.36
Balance: -$6.64

Do you notice a donut? I do. My first night’s foray into the land of MTTs was met with the resistance of the Detroit Piston’s defense with a side of a couple of NHL enforcers. I did continue my perfect streak of losing coin flips though, I can always count on that. Let’s read some of the action.

$20 + $2 180 person SnG (PokerStars): This one started in good fashion, up to the first break. Raises were acknowledged, continuation bets got multiple people to fold, and I managed to chip up to T2125 without really big cards. After the break I managed to steal a couple of blinds and chip up to ~T2600 with 73 runners left in tournament. Looking down at Kings I make my standard weird 3XBB raise which is popped all-in by a solid player in MP. Since my name isn’t Phil Helmuth, I call to see I’m in good shape vs. AKo…. until an ace hits the turn. IGHN. Just a beat, no more, no less, no more chips. Out 73rd out of 180.

Disappointed I checked my email to cool off for about 30 seconds before the next tournament. Whoa! Penny stocks being offered that will triple my net financial value?!!?! Free Viagra!?!? Naked College Sluts strip just for me?!!?! The one college slut turned me off with Arizona Wildcats t-shirt however. ASU > Tucson Titties

$10 + $1 NLHE MTT (Full Tilt): Standard ol’ MTT with 396 runners. I didn’t even make the break. One thing that’s disturbing about Full Tilt’s tournaments is that raises get no respect most of the time. AJ shot down by Q4s, hitting two pair on the turn after calling my value bet of 2/3rd of the pot and five people calling my pre-flop raise. Down to push and pray depths, I run QT into Presto and he hits a runner runner four flush. But luckily he had less chips then me! I chip back up to ~T1000 and politely run my sevens into ATo… that rivered an ace. IGHN. Out 234th out of 396

Luckily some fellow bloggers were on Yahoo IM to ignore my usual mistyping, misspelling banter and they kept me in good spirits as I tried my last MTT of the evening.

$24 + $2 MTT Satellite for the weekend $215 tournament (Full Tilt): A celebrity was at my table that I wasn’t expecting. He was gracious enough to pop in and leave after two hands and let me keep my chips for a different monkey avatar. AQ in LP and I pop it for 4XBB and get Six. Fuckin. Callers. Ooooooooook. Flop comes out JT9, when its checked around I try a continuation bet, called by the guy with the guido avatar, the rest fold. We check it down and he turns up the nut straight. Yep AQ vs. KQ. Wonderful. I spy Otis all-in on a huge draw with two overs and the nut-flush draw, but it doesn’t pan out for him. I get whittled down to 5BBs and push with 22, get called by someone with 88 who just showed down AA and KK the last two hands. Hey I lost while being behind! This gets me all warm and tingly, kinda like the feeling after watching a Girls Gone Wild infomercial. I’d rather run KK into AA then get hit with the donkey truck while ahead. Out 28th out of 54 (this placement may be wrong I'll have to re-check).

The play in the MTT satellite was horrid, I can see why people want to take shots here when the play emulated a $5 SnG. As for the $20 SnG, those are juicy as hell as well. If you have the bankroll (and don’t blow it on internet blackjack all in one night) I suggest hitting up a couple of these.

And I know everyone H-A-T-E-S hand histories (and I lied that I wouldn't post any, SORRY!), but this is a journal of how I'm winning/getting knocked out of MTTs and I need some background to go back on. Thank you for your patience, you may lower your tray from the upright position and the stewardess will be by with your snack and hand job soon.

Heads Up Challenge:

Tonight, the Elite Eight featured the Gophers facing the Illni in a Big Ten match that was sure to leave a few bruises as most Big Ten games do.

Clem Haskins came back after doing all of the player’s homework and managed to rally his troops to a 2-1 victory.

I’m not sure how I won, or why, except the very generous praises I’ve received from both opponents have been encouraging. Not to mention DP’s shocking revelation that he’d also seen the Lifetime TV-movie “The Burning Bed”. I thought I was the only one subjected to such TV garble growing up. Hmmmm I thought Mrs. Keaton was the battered wife, not Charlie's Angel. Oh well.

Not sure who I play next but look out for Drizz’s patented weak-rock-turnaround jumper from 3 point land styled play. Not even Melvin Newbern, Richard Coffey, or Kevin Lynch could defend it. Yeah I like Gopher Basketball more then the Wolves, no idea why, it just is.


Anyone else from Minnesota dance around outside in the multi-colored leaves yesterday? Wow, 70s in November!! Of course there's a chance of snow by Saturday to remind us the severity of the weather swings in this state. Go from bathing suit to snow suit all in one week!

Thanks for dropping by, now if you haven't signed up for Pauly and Bill's weekend blogger tournaments ask the doctor to politely reverse your lobotomy and SIGN UP!

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