Saturday, November 12, 2005

Weekends with Pauly

Out 40th out of 93rd.

Not a great result, but I did manage to put my money in with the worst of it! QQ vs GRob's AA was no gOOt. Again an excellent installment of this four part series, hammers flew with deadly accuracy, once again JoeSpeaker and THG are moping up the competition as they make up two of the final three. Nice job guys! *Update THG = Champ*

I'm a bit lop sided today due to the amount of $2 tequila I managed to consume last night. Drink specials and nubile high school/college chicks bouncing around in their lace g-stings and tight bust inducing baby tees after hitting three pins is what makes bowling worth it every Friday. That and being able to spend a few hours acting like a drunk around my family and friends.

Speaking of drunk family and friends.... is it time to go to Vegas yet? Sigh.


I'm still dabbling in $1/$2 PLO8 with spotted success. One thing for certain, the aggression factor is set for maniac. $12-$16 to see a flop on most times. Right now it seems tight is right with a spot of timely steals will net you a good profit at these tables. Again my experience is limited to a handful of hours, but this might be the leap I've been needing to take to get past the plateau I've been on for a while. I'm not talking about tournament play, there's no sense in repeating the same boring beat stories over and over. Its repetitive, and not productive. Kinda like a bad gang bang flick, after a while the action is numbing to a point that the shock factor is gone.

Now its time to bone up on the courage and dive into these games knowing I have the bankroll to back up a few poor plays and feeling ok with pushing with a mega-draw, scared money in PLO or PLO8 is worth as much as an old Peso. You're better off giving the gift of money to that crack addict on Hennipin avenue then play these games scared.

Tomorrow Drizz the Greek returns... if moonlight bowling doesn't kick my ass too much tonight.

Thanks for dropping by, now stop playing weak-tight and go drop some hammers!

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