Sunday, November 20, 2005

Drizz The Greek's Week 11 NFL Picks

Twice the bubble boy yesterday while playing PLO and HORSE tournaments left me with a dry mouth and hungry for a little more. So, I decided to take up PartyPoker's offer of a raked hands bonus... and finished in 2.5 hours playing 6 tables of PLO8 at once. If I didn't hate the site's software and customer service so much I'd play there more often as I had a VERY profitable run.

Ok, without further ado... you're anti-picks for the week!!

Two Team Parlay:

Panthers -3, Jags -4.5 (I know you're not supposed to "fall in love with a team" but the Panthers are kicking some ass, and this will be the first time the Bears have to play a team that can score more then 3 points a game)

Three Team Parlay:

Colts -5.5, Redskins -6.5, and Lions +8 (Everytime I bet a Lions' game, I lose, go for the opposite)

Straight Up My Tony!

Giants -8 (McNabb's groin isn't the only thing hurting in Iggles-town)

6 Point Teaser:

Jags +1.5, Pats -3.5, Rams -3.5 (Rams seem to fuck up my parlay bets, hopefully giving them an extra 6 points on the spread will help)

Over and Under and Through the Icky Shuffle We Go!

Colts and Bungles over 47.5 (Colts D is playing phe-nom-tasic, but so are both offenses)

I'll have to wait till tomorrow to recap a casino trip where Drizz actually played shorthanded HE and won!

Good luck folks!

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