Friday, November 04, 2005

Day 2: Tournament Challenge "The Quest for Mediocrity"

Quick post since I'm at home today and Little Drizz is insisting I serve as a pinsetter so he can bowl.

Stars NLHE $20+$2 180 man/woman SnG
Full Tilt Stud Hi/Low $10/$1
Party NLHE shootout $5+$.50

Total amount spent (to date): $97.50
Total amount won (to date): Zero squared
Cash Game winning/loses (to date): $120.40
Balance: +$22.90

PokerStars $20+$2: Once again I ran into a table that defined all logic with 5-6 people calling my UTG raises, continuation bets don't faze them either when you have a gutshot or runner runner flush draw! (Out 53rd out of 180)

Full Tilt Stud Hi/Low $10+$1: Had a decent stack, but was crippled by hitting Aces up on 5th, and not being able to fold to the other guy's boat. (13th out of 60)

PartyPoker $5+$.50 NLHE shootout: Bang bang, Drizz is dead running AK into KK TWICE. Oh the humanity! The HORROR! Shocking! (Placed 8th at the first table)

At least the cash games have been kind enough to provide a buffer for this run of tourneys. With the help of some kind bloggers, I'm learning to be more patience on the tables while short-stacked, and take more calculated risks.

Tomorrow.... First cash!! Whoo-Whoo! See you tomorrow morning at Pauly's tourney!

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