Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Today It Was a Good Day


C’mon now, give them credit, I know it’s hard.


I’m almost thankful for the runner-runner flush draw out in a LO8 tourney last night so I could go watch the second half of the game last night.

By the way, the game was iced with four minutes remaining, not three seconds. For some reason the refs couldn’t take their mouths off Farve’s schlong and gave him not one but TWO chances to win the game. A phantom holding penalty after Moore broke through the line for 25+ yards with four minutes remaining forced the Vikes to revert to a Denny Green “run the draw with 3rd and long” type play and had to punt. After the punt on 3rd and 10 with the Packers at mid-field and Farve throwing a pass that Ryan Leaf would have been proud of, an illegal hand to face penalty was called… on a defensive lineman????

Great job not getting in the way of the game gentlemen.

I know that sounds like my tinfoil hat was twisted on too tight, but there was no reason for the calls and frankly Vikes could use a couple more breaks, unlike last week (again, heavy internet sarcasm at use here folks).


I was coerced into playing some poker last night when G-Rob IM’d me about a freeroll on Full Tilt. I had been trying to save up the points to acquire one of those super-cool hockey jerseys (birthday present idea guys!!!!), but figured why not play a little donkey poker to relieve the stress of being down a buy-in and a quarter at the $1/$2 PLO8 tables (that’s $250, and hurts the bankroll a bit while cashing out FAKE funds for Vegas).

199 runners, 9 get $26 tournament tokens. Badblood joined the turnip truck and we were off. This wasn’t like a usual freeroll where half the table forgot they signed up, but the play was on-par for well, any tourney at Full Tilt. First hand saw T8 vs 84 all in on a 8 high flop. I managed to avoid suckouts and carefully chipped up with value bets since steals/bluffs don’t work on these folks since Full Tilt erased their fold buttons.

Yes, that’s me in 9th, and yes I won the token. Small prize relatively, but damnit I needed something like this since the past seven months has been littered with too many lost coin flips, suckouts, and bad play on my part. The following things I saw seem to be crucial to cashing/winning a tournament:

1) You must suckout at least once while behind (I call this the CJ Theorem of Profitabililty). AQ vs. AK and I flopped a Q early on to double up.

2) You must win at least one coin flip. JJ vs. AK and it held up despite a K flopping but I rivered a straight.

3) You must steal enough blinds with total crap cards and not get caught. I stole enough blinds to stay at or near par with any two cards while picking on the shortstack and avoiding the people who could have posted and folded into the token but refused to.

4) You must be able to absorb some beats and steal attempts gone south. I lost a hand very late in the tourney with JJ vs Q4, and tried to steal a tight shortstack’s BB with K4o, but he woke up with aces.

5) Know the structure of the tourney. Since it was a satellite and 1st got the same thing as 9th, when I was severely shortstacked and 10th place was in the same boat as me, I waited him out to do something stupid like bet into an over-zealous chip leader. Sure enough he did and lost, and I won despite having only two antes left.

Small taste of victory.

The bigger taste came while playing the cash games while playing PLO8 with SirWiffleBat at PokerStars. I’m sure I surprised him a little bit, shying away from my usual rockish façade and pushing a couple of draws profitably. Here’s the draw I had according to TwoDimes:

pokenum -o8 ac qs 2c jh - ts th 5s 9d -- 4s jc tc 3h
Omaha Hi/Low 8-or-better:
40 enumerated boards containing 4s Jc Tc 3h
cards scoop HIwin HIlos HItie LOwin LOlos LOtie EV
Qs Ac 2c Jh 12 12 28 0 15 0 0 0.412
Ts 5s 9d Th 19 28 12 0 0 0 0 0.588

Hmmmm… I put the guy on the set, maybe I wasn’t justified after all to take a shot. Donkey see, donkey doo-doo. Gotta take a chance once in a while right?

I was due????

Now I'm sounding like an Omatard, help me.

A buy in and a half later, combined with a buy in win on Full Tilt and I was unstuck for the day, plus a profit.

Yes, today it was good day, here’s to hoping it continues.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you’re a short bus rider like myself and haven’t checked out the latest WPBT news from Otis, stop waiting for your helmet and click on the link! Thank you Otis and all the bloggers who are making these last 16 days before Vegas very painful to endure.

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